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Any chilled products (anything from freezer of fridge) WILL NOT be refunded

I am absolutely disgusted at the customer service i received at Asda. I had bought 2 milkshakes of the same brand, same size, different flavors, however one was priced 49p and the other £1.49. The difference in price was ridiculous so i returned the items 24 hours later after checking the receipt and i was told i would not get any refund. According to them you only have 20 mins to get a refund on any chilled or frozen product. So what if you find some tub of butter has an insect in it? What happens if a packet of burgers only contain 3 and not 6 burgers? UTTER BULL. They then kept my receipt and threw it away, although i got no refund or exchange. I was obviouslly ripped off due to an error in the pricing labels at the store, but yet i got no refund or no apology. Their behavior was shocking and there was 3 of them all talking together, i had to wait almost 30 secs for them to stop their conversation for them to serve me. Yes ASDA might be the cheapest supermarket, but their staff (not all) but most do not follow the customer service skills they were learnt to use in their interviews.

BigBusTours Miami

For potential future customers of the Miami bus tour, please read on.

I went to Miami for a short holiday wanting to visit the many sights of the city. I had purchased my 48 hour ticket online and searched where the closest bus stop was located. It was the Fontainebleau hotel. So i walked 24 blocks to the area as it was a nice day but i noticed there was at least 6 bus stops around the hotel. I asked a local bus attendant if i was at the right place as the sightseeing tour showed no poster, timetable or anything. The lady told me yes it shares with regular bus stops so just put your hand out when it comes.

10 mins later i see the bus so i put out and waved my hand and the bus drove straight past me and the driver just stared at me. i was shocked and wondered why he had just done this. So i decided to go to the next bus stop, 30 mins later bus drives past me again. So by this time i was very aggravated, so i rang up the bus tour company and i wanted to know why the drivers couldn't stop for a few secs to explain to me why they were driving past me or even direct me to the right bus stop. She told me they are not allowed to do this and that i must stand at the bus stop located infront of the fountain. Problem was there was 3 fountains and 3 bus stops. Unbelievably from 11am-4pm the bus had drove past me 5 times with no help or direction and i had called the operator at least 4 times to tell them to sort this out, all she could say was, ''I DON'T KNOW''. The bus would actually stop at any bus stop to let people off, however they would only use 1 bus stop to pick people up which does not make any sense at all.

However the next day i caught the bus dropping people off outside the Fontainebleau so i jumped on with my ticket, and was told by the female guide to show my ticket at the main office when we got to downtown. She was very nice and a very good guide, however just as i have noticed reading other reviews, the microphone stopped working and made very horrible noises. You could see the staff getting physically frustrated by this. However this tour guide was very polite and she made the day very enjoyable. However, the next tour guide was a guy and was a local in the area and although he was being lighthearted with his many jokes, he made some very offensive remarks and jokes that would of been deemed very risque and rude to the older audience. He would also flip the bird to motorists that got in the way of the bus and would cuss them out infront of us guests.

Although i personally found it funny, it was very unprofessional as they were some old ladies on the bus and it was very disrespectful to use such language. Once again he had a problem with his microphone and at one point he had enough and just went downstairs without no narration for the rest of the tour. The next day on my tour i had him again and without even seeing my ticket, the first thing he said was ''OH YOU AGAIN. U DO KNOW THAT...........(i then showed him the 48 hour ticket valid for 2 days) OH OK THEN IT'S OK.'' I found this very rude. In the end the company gave me a refund and they were investigating my concerns and complaints. If you have a car you can do the tour yourself and you wouldn't even need to duck down for killer palm trees that you come across on the bus tour (local council won't cut them down). This is a very accurate review of my 2 day sightseeing tour and unfortunately this is the first and worst review i have ever had to give.

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