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Always Riding

Fast, clean transaction!

Item arrived within a couple of days - would certainly recommend.


Absolute Nightmare!!!

I've been waiting ages for my stuff which I ordered almost 2 weeks ago. But that's not even the worst part - when you order online, it's on a default option to just invoice you, and set you up with £200 credit.
Now I don't want any credit, and all I want to do is pay for my items with my card, like I do with every other online retailer, but no such luck. I've rang up and asked them (whilst I was inquiring as to where my order actually is) if I could just pay with my card over the phone........The answer is no!! What I have to do, is go to my bank and make the payment through them, which is completely insane, and way to much hassle.
In short, I really regret ever using the online store, as it's as the title of this review clearly states, A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE!!
H&M have a lot of work to do regarding their online presence, and I will certainly never be using them again!


Received wrong size item and no response via email, or alternative way of contacting!!

I received the wrong size leather jacket, ending up with an XXL when I'd actually ordered an XL. I emailed them to engage in the exchange process, but no response. I've since been on their site hoping to order another XL, and just send back the XXL for a refund, but when you select an XL the order actually goes through as XL XL - hence why I've received the wrong size item with the initial order.
The frustrating, and worrying thing about this company, is that as many reviewers have stated, there is just no way of contacting anyone for assistance. They don't respond to emails, and having scoured the internet for 'customer care' contact numbers, there simply isn't one available.
I could have handled the initial mistake if the company (and I use that term loosely) actually had anything whatsoever in the sense of customer service, but there simply isn't anything like that. They're clearly a clandestine, sinister and faceless organisation, that simply takes online customers money, and just hopes for the best. I find it completely appalling that any online retailer is allowed to get away with this, in this day and age, it's truly shocking!!
I will advise others to avoid this company though, and if the reviews on here are not enough to warn you, just google them, cyberspace is full of complaints about them having no customer service, or reputable form of contact.


Fast efficient service!!

Boots arrived next day as stipulated on the website, with good communication via email. Excellent!
Update! Just ordered another 2 pairs of boots, and they turned up on next day....awesome!!!


Very bad experience!!

I ordered some boots, choosing the 'free delivery' option which according to the website guarantees deliver within three days. A week after placing my order - still no boots, so I attempted to contact them via the telephone number's' listed on their site.
Both telephone numbers go straight to an answerphone message outlining the office opening hours. However......whatever time of day you call it's the same message, so clearly the office opening hours don't actually exist. For me, it's always a concern when there's no way of actually speaking to someone about an order I've placed online.
To their credit, they did respond politely, and swiftly to emails, only to inform me that my order wasn't actually in stock.
So in summary, they took my money despite their not actually having my item, and then didn't even contact me to let me know, just happy to leave me waiting, until I exhausted all methods of contacting them.
Needless to say, once I have my refund I shan't ever be using them again, and based on my experience I'd advise others to stay away. There are plenty of other reputable online stores, that actually have valid numbers you can call if you need to speak to someone.

18 December 2013

Reply from James & James Footwear Ltd

Hi and thanks for your feedback.
I'm very sorry that you had a bad experience with us. Unfortunately, at this busy time of the year we're not always able to answer the telephone promptly. Although this is not an excuse, and it's something we're looking at. As regarding the availability of your order, I'm very sorry that the item was out of stock, and although I'm not familiar with the exact details of your order, can only apologise, and explain that we use several sales channels for our stock, so it's possible that the item sold through our shop before we had a chance to update our inventory. When this does happen, we always ensure we contact the customer and let them know within a few hours. Sorry if you didn't receive an e-mail from us, it may have gone to your junk mail folder. We process refunds immediately, so you will see the refund in your account as soon as it's cleared on to your credit card (usually 1-2 working days). If you'd like to e-mail us directly, we'd like to offer you a discount on any future purchase in light of the problem you had.

James & James


Paid the money, but the code/instructions were useless.

I decided to use these guys based on the positive reviews on here. However, the initial instructions I received for Blackberry, along with the code didn't include my make/model.
I emailed them and they responded next day with a further set of instructions which again were useless.
So....I still have a locked Blackberry, and I'm now 4-5 quid down as well. Based on my experience I'd recommend that people avoid this method of unlocking, and find a dodgy market stall/booth that does it why you wait for about a tenner, which is what I shall now have to do myself.

T Mobile

Very Poor signal coverage!!

I've just upgraded my contract with T mobile via a third party provider (Phones4U), and this was only due to this being the only way I could 100% guarantee that I could keep my number.
Unfortunately this means I still have to deal with the very poor signal coverage in my flat, and at work.
My advice would be to anyone that's considering entering into a new contract with this company to not bother, and to shop around for better alternatives.
The fact that T mobile have just been voted the worst mobile phone company for the second consecutive year running (Google this for details) based on consumers experiences also indicates significant cause for concern. So, in this case listen to the majority and don't do it!!


Initial 14 day period of policy with NO COVER so beware!

Having recently taken out an upgrade with my mobile phone provider and received a new, high end handset, I was looking for new insurance cover due to my old policy not covering more than one phone.
These guys do cover multiple handsets (or gadgets), and the policy was quick and easy to set up over the phone.
However, having taken it out it became apparent that there is an initial 14 day period of the policy that does not actually cover you at all. In other words, with a new handset like mine you either don't use the handset at all for two weeks, or risk having to potentially fund a replacement yourself if anything happens to it despite having taken out a cover policy.
Personally I can't afford to risk that, and due to there being a range of policies that actually cover you from the day/minute it's taken out (I know I found one), I cancelled it immediately.
Having taken out the policy on a Saturday and wanting to cancel it straight away I was also told that I had to wait until Monday due to the 'cancellations dept not being open at weekends', which was another annoying factor.


Great website shame about the poor quality cards!

These are undoubtedly the cheapest option available for business cards that a Google search generates.
The site is very easy to navigate, and pick/create your design although there are a raft of additional charges that resulted in my order being twice the quoted amount by the time I submitted my payment.
I opted for the higher quality card at an extra cost of seven to eight quid, but having received the cards I shudder to think what the standard quality are like because these are shockingly poor quality.
At the end of the day I paid £30 for 250 cards, and it's true that you get what you pay for. The cards effectively look like they're home made, which isn't great.
For now they will have to do the job, but as soon as I can afford it I shall be getting some better ones ordered, and certainly paying more for a better quality product, but it certainly won't be with Vistaprint.
They're cheap and cheerful, so if that's your bag then knock yourself out.

14 June 2013

Reply from Vistaprint

Hi Existentialist, We’re sorry that your experience with us hasn't been a positive one; we’d like to change that. We will be in touch with you to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks

Protect your bubble

Setting up the policy seems easy enough - but reviews regarding claim outcomes not so good!!

I was looking for a reasonably priced insurance policy for a recently purchased two year contracted handset. This is a second contract to use in addition to my main mobile which is due to end in August 2013. As such, I took out this policy on the new one, with an aim to add a second handset when I begin a new contract in August to be arranged.
Setting up the policy was really easy, and the price very competitive. However, the initial 14 day 'no cover' clause made me feel slightly apprehensive, which was reinforced further when I checked out the reviews on here.
The review scores are undoubtedly high, but when I actually read through a number of them these are predominantly reviews regarding setting up the policy, pricing etc, which as I've said was really smooth and efficient.
It's actually when I read peoples feedback regarding their making claims that I felt that this wasn't a policy and/or company that would best suit my needs.
I've never made an insurance claim in my life, but if I ever do have cause to I expect a new handset to replace the lost or damaged one, and not a refurbished one.
I also expect to be covered from the moment I take out the policy which is something I've always had with other policies and as such come to expect.
There's also an issue with the fact that when I tried to cancel the policy I sent two consecutive emails over a period of thee days and received no response, and eventually had to locate a number to call, which reiterates previous reviewers comments about the lack of response to customers claims, queries etc.
This confirmed for me that I was making the right choice in ending the policy before I'm tied in for the year, and potentially setting myself up for a frustrating time should I ever need to make a claim.

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No problems - smooth, fast transaction.

They had the specific item I was looking for at a decent price.

I placed the order on a Monday morning, received an email telling me it had been dispatched on the Tuesday, and received the item by Wednesday.

All in all an extremely positive experience, and based on this I would certainly use them again, and recommend them to other online shoppers.


Absolutely terrible - needs sorting out!!!!

Repetitive adverts played over, and over and.......over again due to the player constantly buffering, and stopping.
If you're hoping to stream live just forget it, you have no hope.
Programs are not uploaded/updated very quickly either, where as with the BBC iplayer they're literally available to stream within minutes of being shown on tv.
The upside is that due to the channels programs being so bad anyway, I don't actually use it very much.
Shocking player for a terrible, dying tv channel.


Still waiting for my item, despite paying extra for 'fast delivery'.!!

I ordered an item almost a week ago, and opted for the next day delivery option at extra cost, rather than the free delivery, as the site assured me that the item would be dispatched same day with this option, meaning I'd get the item on the Monday (this was a Saturday).

That was five days ago - still no order, so I rang them this morning to speak to someone, who assured me the item was being delivered today.

Guess what, no items arrived......again.

I'm back at work next week, so I shan't be home when, and indeed if the item ever shows up.

I wish I'd read these reviews before I ordered, as there's quite a lot berating their delivery service, which I can confirm is shocking.

I feel well and truly ripped off on a non-existent next day delivery charge, so if anyone does risk using these cowboys - don't bother paying extra for delivery because it makes no difference.

Needless to say I shan't ever be using them again, and certainly wouldn't recommend them to others based on my experience.

07 January 2013

Reply from Petplanet.co.uk

Good Morning, Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience you have had. We never like to hear one of our Customers is unhappy with our service. Please call 0845 345 0723 or 01506 605150 and ask for Denise Prendergast. Thank you

Tredz Bikes

Used them twice so far with positive outcomes!!

I've ordered bike cleaning products from this company - disc brake cleaner, degreaser etc, and on both occasions they've done the job!!

Hassle free online ordering process, and the products/items arrive a few days later, so no complaints - cheers Tredz!


Smooth transaction!!

I used this company for the purchase of a Zippo - 1935 replica, and despite their prices being about £6 more expensive than other providers I wanted to make sure I received a genuine Zippo product so went ahead for peace of mind.

The order was smooth, and the delivery very quick so all in all I had a very positive experience with them.

There's a lot of imitation Zippo products about being sold as the real thing, so for me it was worth the extra money it cost using them.

Phix Clothing

Used them twice so far with positive outcomes!!

As the title of my review says I've used these guys twice, both times for leather jackets one of which recently and the other a couple of years ago.

The jackets I've had from here are very, very reasonably priced and pretty decent quality so on that score I've been impressed on both occasions.

Regarding transaction/delivery wise, again on both occasions I've had a smooth and efficient experience with my items arriving as described within a few days as per my chosen delivery options.

The first order a couple of years ago involved my exchanging the original item for a smaller size, and that was a relatively smooth process, with no problems.

All in all two positive experiences, which means I would and shall use them again and would certainly recommend them to others.


Excellent Service, delicious teas!!

I regularly use this company for my loose leaf green, white, and oolong teas.

The website is very easy to navigate, the prices are excellent, and they also utilise Paypal as a payment option, which is always a benefit.

The teas arrive within 2-3 days, so I shall continue to use them, and I would certainly recommend them to other online shoppers.


Excellent Service!!

I ordered a 'super king size' bed online with these guys, and when I placed the order it duplicated the order a further two times, resulting in my card being charged three times in total.

I initially rang my credit card company, but rang Home Furnishings afterwards, and they just sorted it out no bother, refunding my card straight the way.

My bed turned up next morning on their free next day delivery service, and the driver was a really nice guy who helped me to get it up to my first floor apartment.

Oh.....and the bed is amazing!!

All in all very happy with the service, and yes, I would most certainly recommend them to other online shoppers.



This is actually my third review I've posted for these guys, but having two cats I use them a lot.

This time I ordered a Cleo Igloo bed, and there's was the cheapest price on the internet by far.

Knowing the product I was looking for, I was actually relieved that Viovet had them in stock, as I know that it's going to be a hassle free experience with them.

Sure enough, my item arrived within two days, and so once again.....thank you Viovet!!

UK Bike Store Ltd

Faultless transaction - extremely impressed!!

I ordered an item on the Monday morning, which was actually cheaper than anywhere else I found on a Google search.

Received an email response from the online store a couple of hours later in acknowledgment of the order , and the actual item two days later on the Wednesday.

Excellent service, and a very smooth, efficient transaction.

I would certainly recommend this online company based on my experience.


Phew!!........Item received.

My order came after about 8-9 days, so in all fairness I have to say my experience hasn't been to bad, although they didn't dispatch my item until about 4 days after receipt of order.

I hadn't actually read the shocking reviews on here until I'd made my order, which resulted in my waiting on tenterhooks for my item to arrive.

But as I say it did come, so I am relieved, although I shan't be using them again because of the time it took for them to dispatch my item, and the very bad reviews they have on here.

I do acknowledge that they allow for Paypal payments, which does add some credibility, in terms of feeling assured that if items don't turn up Paypal will deal with the issues on the customers behalf (I had a similar experience a few years ago where Paypal did just that).

All in all, I had a decent experience but going by the reviews using this company is an obvious risk you take.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Quick, clean, and efficient service!!

I've used this company before, generally for non- prescription 'pet care' medications etc, and they're allways a positive experience and outcome.

Competitive prices, and fast delivery,so as far as I'm concerned I shall continue to go back, and recommend them to other consumers.

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