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Great Rates-Easy Transfers-No Charges

I first used HIFX when I lived in Thailand and was looking for a way to avoid the £25 charge my UK bank slapped on every foreign currency transaction I requested.

Although HIFX rates were slightly lower than my receiving bank in Thailand offered this was more than offset by their "No Fees" transactions(over £3000).

Smaller transactions(less than £3000) are charged at £9.

They even refunded the charge the receiving bank applied to the transaction.

Official iPhone Unlock

Is it just me?

I paid this company £104 to unlock my iPhone 4 from 3 UK on 5/7/12. Their site informs me it was submitted to the "unlock server"(whatever that might be) on 11/7/12.

The blurb that NOW appears underneath the order tracking data informs me not to bother trying to contact the company since it couldn't possibly be their fault for any delay.

Nice disclaimer!

Well I did try emailing the company but have not received a reply.

So Official iPhone Unlock, you took my money on 5/7/12 so how about delivering the service you promise?

I notice that on your web site 3 UK unlocks are pre-orders NOW, not so when I submitted my order, hence the £104 charge up front!

A check of the negative feedback on here seems to relate to customers like myself who are locked to 3 UK, perhaps there is an issue with this carrier?

If there is surely an email from "customer services" updating status to those affected is appropriate?

I wanted my phone unlocked for a forthcoming holiday, looks like I will have to buy a cheap mobile and local SIM when I get there, which certainly won't cost me £104, but then again I won't have the functionality of my iPhone and country specific apps I had purchased!

Currently I feel conned by this company so come on Offical iPhone Unlock prove me wrong so I can amend this feedback

07 August 2012

Reply from officialiphoneunlock.co.uk

Hi Mike

Based on feedback from yourself and two other Three UK customers on this page, we deemed it appropriate to explain how Three UK works.

Three UK is unlocked in a different way to other networks. We have a colleague within the network, who once a month (sometimes longer) processes our entire batch. We never know the precise date or time when the batch is picked up unfortunately, but they are all unlocked within 6 hours. He will only do one batch at a time before it goes offline again, therefore if you want to unlock your handset locked to Three UK it is imperative that you buy a pre-order otherwise you will miss the boat.

We've added a page on our website explaining the same - http://www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk/three-iphone-unlock.php


Simply Excellent

I have used this company now for two purchases. Quality fast service at very competitive prices sums it up nicely.

I would certainly recommend to a friend.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Poor Shopping Experience

I only wish I had consulted TrustPilot before I ordered a Sigma lens from Simplyelectronics.

I placed my order on 15th June and today 13th July I have finally got a refund to my credit card. I cancelled the order because despite promising:

"We wish to inform you that we have received your order. Your order number is 530515-810708 and is expected to be shipped within 2-4 working days and delivered within 3-8 working days."

there was no sign of the item being shipped 10 days after I placed the order.

To be fair to SE they have refunded my money but I suspect this was only facilitated when following advice from my bank I contacted them with a carefully worded email. The fact that they had £300 of mine for three weeks is of course is another matter since it was shown as a debit on my credit card from 19th June 2012.

I would add that I was fully aware that the company deal in grey market goods(VAT related) and are based in Hong Kong when I placed the order. However a less savy person might well believe that they have found the "goose that laid a golden egg" and were dealing with a UK based company.

Let me assure you that you are not, whatever the UK looking phone number on the site might suggest this company operates out of HK.

Incidentally I tried ringing the phone number and was met by a 45 minute queue. Not that I hung around, but if you do be warned the call is chargeable.

Judging by other reviews it seems this company does sometimes fulfil its promises. Perhaps if they took a more honest approach to the advertising that appears on their web site then there would be less complaints in the future.

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