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After having had a few terrible experiences with other ISP's, BT have come up true champions. I am truly overwhelmed with EVERYTHING that BT supply. For example, I had a few minor problems with speed at the start of my contract and BT sorted it efficiently and effectively. The rental saver scheme is absolutely top notch. I've just had a reminder that the scheme is coming up for renewal and the price has increased by a whole 75p per month - wow! indeed. I couldn't be happier. I wouldn't hesitate for one single second in recommending BT to ANYONE.


Oh! yes

I've already rated Ironmongerydirect on a survey which they themselves held. All that I can say about them is that they are very, very good. The staff are top-notch and the service is superb. Highly recommended.


Good supplier

I haven't got much to say about Healthspan, other than they're very good and very well organised.
I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone. I have already done that many times over the years


OK, no real problem

Have shopped at my local store almost every week since 1988 when they opened. Prices COULD be better I feel, particularly when they publish profits of approx £800 million. People don't spend their money to increase the company profits. They spend it because goods are cheaper than say the Co-Op or Sainsbury's. If Morrisons were to really reduce prices across the board, big time, the shops would be stuffed with shoppers; possibly five times worse than any Christmas. Then see the profits soar.
I suggest some staff at Head Office actually tells someone who makes a complaint the truth instead of pussy-footing around with pre-rehearsed statements.


Much improved

In the past I was a little reluctant to visit Homebase because they didn't seem to be particularly welcoming. My how things seem to have changed and improved. Now I would have no hesitation in shopping there. I bought an oven from the Derby store at around £550 and the service I received was faultless,


Not impressed

I've only ever used Game twice and that was once too many. The first experience was fine but I was only buying one product. As for the second experience, I bought a game from a different outlet, got it home and it wouldn't work. I took it back and that's when the unpleasantness started. I was advised that the first problem was that I'd removed the wrapping from the box. I pointed out that it was difficult to play the game with the disc still in the box. Then I was told that I should have read about the game's compatibility with my system. I argued that I had gone through all these matters with the sales assistant who sold me the game, and he said that it was OK. Anyway, after a short while the assistant manager puffed herself up with self importance and said that I could have a refund. I won't be visiting Game again.


Don't get me started

If there was a zero stars rating category Talktalk's broadband service would get it. They are tarred with the same brush as Orange Broadband. Words cannot express my hatred for Talktalk. I am with a very good ISP and all the stuff Talktalk said I couldn't possibly have because of this and because of that, my current ISP have provided without question.

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Abominable broadband service

I was with Orange broadband for a while and that was too long. Without doubt they are one of the very worst ISP's every to grace our fair land. Their customer service is non-existent, the staff tell untruths, their broadband service is non-existent. I implore anyone thinking of using them to think again. They should be closed down.

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Keep up the brilliant work

I ALWAYS look forward to my weekly email from Martin Lewis. It's very, very rare to find nothing of interest in the email. I don't know how Martin does it but I reckon that he's one of the hardest working individuals in the country.
Please don't pack it all in Martin. You're too valuable.


Amongst the best, considering it's size, is one of the best for all round performance. I can almost always rely on them. Whenever I need a particular product Amazon are usually the first I think about.

Wood Finishes Direct

One of the very best suppliers I have dealt with

In my lifetime I have come across only two truly outstanding suppliers. This includes the hundreds that I have to deal with in the last job that I had before I retired. I've taken into account service, general efficiency, quality of products on sale, friendliness of staff and so on. The leader is Lakeland Limited and Wood Finishes-direct is second. What more can I say?

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