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One of the most professional and helpful companies I have ever dealt with! I would highly recommend.


Don't bother if you need a quick birthday card

I ordered a birthday card expecting it to be sent out on the same day like most other online card sites, but only to be disappointed. The printing was going to take 3 days and then expected delivery up to 4 days later. Fortunately I was given a refund by the very helpful customer services. If you want a quick card, stick with moonpig.


Appalling Customer Service - Minus stars

This is my experience with this company…..I am absolutely fuming at the time and effort I have wasted over one birthday present for my little girl. My anger has lasted for a period of 5 months!
On choosing a present for my daughter’s birthday she had seen a tin can alley shooting game at a friends house which she particularly enjoyed playing so after scouring the internet I came across a website call via a comparison site. Their website is very tired and unprofessional by today’s standards so I was a little concerned at their professionalism. They offer a wide range of house and garden products and cheap prices.

I placed the order in February via paypal and received the game very quickly. It was opened by my daughter on her birthday but when we put in the batteries we the found the game was faulty.
I emailed the company using the email and tried phoning them on their contact number 0114 2830009 which has now mysteriously disappeared from the website as it is unobtainable. A business with no phone contact sounded a bit dubious to me.

I got a reply asking me to send the item back standard delivery and was also promised a refund on the return postage which I thought was very kind. I returned it on 7th March and chased it up on 15th March as I had heard nothing at all. On the 16th March I was informed they had run out of stock and I would receive it as soon as one came in. I received a replacement on 23rd March, well indirectly received, The parcel was left outside a persons house in a completely different street to mine which they kindly delivered to me.
On opening this game, it also didn’t work at all so I wrote to IOSSS and waited 10 days for a reply. Again I sent the game back with a note that I would prefer a refund at this point rather than run the risk of receiving yet another faulty item.

Still no word about the postage refund incidentally, so I wrote again to IOSSS asking them to confirm I would receive 2 postage refunds which I was told yes I would.
This is where the trouble really started. I returned the second game on 3rd April and followed up with a request as to whether I could have an update on my return/refund on 16th April. Following this I sent over 25 emails over a period of 3 months using all the email addresses I could find on the web;; plus contacting them via their feedback form, amazon and ebay. I knew my emails were being ignored because I asked a general question on ebay and got an immediate response.

I took a look at their feedback on ebay this point and started to get worried as it doesn’t look like I am the only one to have problems getting money back.
I seeked advice on some forums and sent them a letter recorded delivery which they signed for. I put in the letter that if I didn’t receive my refund by the end of the week I would express my opinion on the big review sites, hence why I am here.

I sent another email asking if they had read my letter and FINALLY got a response, hooray!! Their email said that they had no record of my second return. It took 3 months to let me know! Conveniently I’m not even able to claim from Royal Mail as 3 months has past.
Why did they ignore my emails? I quote ‘We mistakenly assumed that due to the spam nature of your emails ( multiple repeated emails in quick succession ) the demands for money were spam emails as we get a lot of such request and do ignore such emails as spam’. So, this tells me they ignore every single person who complains or just wants their money back?? My emails to them were kindly for a response, only my last couple of emails before I sent the letter did I say they would then be seeking advice and will be posting on the big review sites

I wrote back to say this was unacceptable and the reply I got was ‘Threats of negative feedback, claims and disputes and civil proceeding are common, which is why we do not take emails with this sort of content seriously and disregard as spam.’ Note the word common…I WONDER WHY!!
This is what they put at the bottom of their emails
We hope that your shopping experience has been convenient and hassle free, however if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, please return to our site and use the contact form to send us your feedback

So I am without a game and they have my money!
In my opinion this is most probably the worst experience I have ever had from an online company, such a shame.

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