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Westin Gourmet

Excellent USDA Steaks

This was my first completed order with Westin Gourmet. I had tried ordering from them a year ago, but they changed the delivery day without telling me so I cancelled the order. I thought I would give them a second chance.

I order one of their promotional "variety packs" of steak, plus some lamb chops, a French corn fed chicken, and smoked salmon.

The steaks are all cut very thin, and I found the Argentine Rib Eye, Irish Sirloin, and Hereford Rump all tough but quite tasty. The USDA Sirloins were excellent and tasty, and I would consider ordering them again, although they are much thinner than I like.

The lamb chops were good, very lean, but I like the fat!

The French corn fed chicken was excellent, and I would order this again.

The smoked salmon was out of stocked and not shipped. However, I was charged for it! I had to contact WG and ask for a refund, which went through a couple of days later.

24 July 2013

Reply from Westing Gourmet


Thanks for your feedback, I'm sorry about the mishap you had with your previous order. It's good to hear that you enjoyed most of what you received with this order.I'll speak to the Butchers regarding the thickness of the steaks as I can appreciate that some people do prefer a thicker cut steak. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.


Westin Gourmet


There is such a thing as a free lunch!

I knew about Top Cashback for a good couple of years before I signed up. If something is too good to be true, then usually it is. However, Top Cashback really does give you money for nothing - you get back a percentage of money spent on web sites that you go to by following their links. They pay you the advertising payment that any other web site would keep for itself.

In two years, I've received £416 cash back, and I have another £230 pending. It can typically take 3 months from the transaction to receiving the cashback.

Some of my biggest earners have been:- - £127
Churchill Car Insurance £35
Virgin Atlantic £25
Virgin Media £76
Avis car hire £47
Holland & Barrett - £22 holiday insurance £19
The AA £19

Once cashback becomes payable, you can have it sent into your back account by BACS, or you can opt for an Amazon voucher and get a further bonus.

Its brilliant.


Good Value, Good Coverage

Car Hire is a nightmare, never knowing what hidden costs you are going to be hit with when you pick up your vehicle. I rent cars for at least two weeks a year on holiday, so thought I would buy excess insurance so I can confidently book the cheapest car hire and not have to worry about hidden extras. Unfortunately, many of the companies selling excess insurance make at as complicated as the car hire companies themselves. After checking half a dozen providers, I chose because they provide comprehensive coverage at a good price, and their website is clear and easy to understand.

Feel Good Contact Lenses

Excellent service

Best prices for CL solutions and excellent service. Orders usually dispatched within hours and delivered in 2 days.

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