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Nice 'n' Naughty

Easy to search for and order what you want

The website is so very simple to navigate around and find what you are looking for. The prices are very competitive and the ordering process is simplicity itself - excellent

Bluepark eCommerce

Signing up with BluePArk was the Best Business decision of 2012

I had been suffering with an outdated bespoke website for the last few years, and making any changes to it was extremely expensive, if indeed the changes I wanted could be made.
I had been looking around at "off the shelf" solutions for quite some time, but no one offered the functionality I wanted/needed for my business. Lots of companies had some of the functionality I wanted, but the things that were crucially important didnt seem to exist.
I made contact with several companies, and the responses were very varied - some promised to call back, but never did, others clearly didnt understand my needs, as they offered inappropriate work arounds - it was all quite depressing really.
Then I contacted my current web support, and asked them to have a look at different solutions and to do me a report on the ones she had experience with and also others that were currently on the market.

Bluepark, without exception stood out on all fronts. The system seemed extremely feature rich, the community forum seemed extremely helpful and full of praise for Bluepark, and it seemed that BluePark were a very proactive, as opposed to re-active organisation.

I asked my web support to build my website for me with BluePark, and I havent looked back since. Once you get used to the system, it is easy to use, extremely adaptive, and performs exceptionally well. The features are brilliant, and new features and enhancements are always being introduced. All requests for enhancements are considered and if it isnt possible, or desireable, then an explanation as to why not is given.

The BluePArk community forum members are the best, in that they will assist you wherever possible, and do whatever they can to help you out. The support from BluePark itself is incredible.

Signing up with BluePArk is the one single best business decision I made last year, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a web presence. By far the best out there, and exceptional value for money, considering what you get for your monthly subscription.


T J Quinn

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