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TNT Express


Used parcel2go and TNT.
Item delivered and the outer casing (Heavy plastic down pipe) was crushed at one end.
The contents were also damaged at the end crushed..
Parcel2go might as well try and communicate with the moon.
Parcel 2go attitude shoddy and completely lacking in any contact communication.
TNT real pass the buck merchants. Promised a token refund but alas all it is is token promises from what is supposed to be a fairly reputable company.



Used parcel2go as agent
Would you believe the item was delivered but the contents of the reinforced tube were missing. Contents of tube removed and contents missing. Tube resealed.
Parcel2go complaint procedure. Man in the moon would have a better chance.
Contacted YODEL and to say a could not care less would be an apt description of their attitude.
Both parcel2go and YODEL are truly rubbish and give white van man a good name by compasisson



Just received e mail to say case closed.
No explanation
No contact
No Nothing.
This company is a complete joke
Rubbish service. Absolute rubbish customer service. Must be staffed with executive shits.

Used twice.
First time item delivered damaged both protective covering (reinforced plastic,down pipe) and the contents.
Complaints procedure Absolute rubbish and practically non existent. No e mail reply, phone not available. Impossible to communicate.

Second time would you believe the item was delivered. However However the parcel was delivered but the content had been removed and resealed.

Talk about giving white van man a bad name. Parcel2 go are absulute rubbish and guess what is happening to the complaint proceedure. Yes you guessed it.
Do not use this service at any cost

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