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Vax Ltd

Total Farce

The worst move I ever made was to purchase a vacuum cleaner from Vax. Ten days after purchase and having only used the cleaner a couple of times, the drive belt broke. So I phoned vax and was about 18th in the queue. I put the phone down and read their terms and conditions on their website. Drive belts are not covered. I ordered two replacements from their website (note VAT is not included in advertised prices) as her indoors needed the hoover working. The next day I phoned Argos (my point of purchase) and informed them what had happened in case there was a faulty batch of hoovers on the loose. Argos returned my call a short while later and kindly offered a replacement (at least someone cares about their customers). I then tried to phone Vax. This time I was 24th in the queue. I rode it out and was eventually answered by Charles. My first enquiry was the length of time it took to get through. His response was there had been a fault with the phone line (must still be the same fault then or more likely one heck of a lot of people calling them). I pointed out that the hoover wasn't fit for purpose. Obviously without the drive belt it wouldn't function correctly. I was accused of using the hoover on an incorrect surface or I had run the hoover across something that had torn the belt. I pointed out that the belt had a clean tear just like it had parted at a join, not a jagged tear like it had been ripped. Charles (bless his lying soul) informed me this couldn't happen as he was sat there at his phone at that precise moment with the same drive belt in his hands and there was no join in the belt. Could be pure coincidence he was sat there at that precise time of my call with the exact drive belt in his hands, but I prefer to think he was telling porkies. I explained that the drive belt wasn't covered by their terms and conditions as per their website. His response was that it was covered for a period of three months. Hmmmm, so the information on the website was incorrect. Ok, so There was no need for me to purchase drive belts then. Ok, what do you propose now Charles? His offer was strange but I accepted it. He would send me out two replacements to cover the two belts I had ordered. Upon receiving the two belts I had ordered, I should return them and they would refund me. Ok, so why can't you just refund me for the two betls I ordered. Nope, that's not the way they do it. So I did as requested. Then I sat here and waited. No refund. Two emails later I still received no response. A quick phone call put me 22nd in the queue so I hung up (must be those faulty phone lines again). I shall give them just a short while longer, then rather just give up (like I'm sure they think I might) I shall issue instructions and take them to Court. The motto regarding Vax is this: If you want the worst customer service possible, go to Vax. I shall never purchase another item from this company and I'm making sure everyone I know learns of my experience and buys from a rival company where customer service exists. Vax you are a disgrace !!!

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