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Still the most customer orientated OS on the market.

Considering the time, effort and cost to provide the level of servise, MS does extreamly well. And no matter how you look at it, compared to Apple for both OS and after market software still the most economical choice.


Generally dependable and easy to use.

No operational issues and only two conditions I'm not completely happy with. 1: If I wanted Crome, I would ask for it. Quit trying to pass it off all the time. 2: Censorship for political reasons, regardless of who's opinion it is, is NEVER in the best interest of the people. For example, if you don't want to support ammunition sales for legal reason, then don't list those sites at all. But singling them out becuse of someone in managements personal view of the issue is reprehensible! Let people make up thier own minds


First class laptops, both duarable and dependable.

I've had and used Dell laptops for many years, and my oldest one, more than 15 years old still works! My newest is a few years old and nothing on the markettoday truly exceeds it in anything except battery life. Not much of a complaint as I can update to improved batteries any time I wish. The Tech service people always seem to have time to answer my issues, and the on line site allows for most questions to be found without significant time or effort. I guess my only issue would be that some of the older systems lose thier support after a few years which can make upgrading OS a bit of a seach, but it hasn't actually been a problem for me.


Best home speaker systems in the world.

While studio monitors may be considered better by some, and commercial sounds systems desired for thier power, few people have studios or concert halls in thier home, Bose speakers are designed from day one for the home enviornment and deliver clear and accurate sound quality over a huge range. I wouldn't give up my 901's for anything else!


Person to Person, or Business based solid bargins and insured transactions.

The large and varied offering allow for a wide range of purchases, especially allowing for the win-win combinations that reuse useful products, provide for otherwise unavailable items, as well as identifing options not known prior to using the site's seach engine. Protection for the buyer and seller - significant insurance against scams or dishonest sellers reduces the probability of a loss to less than one quarter of one percent (Less than 1 in 400 transactions.) And when that one in 400 happens, customer service responds and resolves the issue.


Almost universal acceptance, safe transfers with security.

Simple to sign up, easy to use, secure in that your finicial information is not shared. Safeguards for both the seller and buyer that insure the best possible transactions.


Copetitive pricing, mostly superior shipping charges, and 1st class customer service.

Hard to beat the leader in the industry! The wide array of options, the competive pricing for the best deal, and the customer service that makes each and every transaction a safe and secure purchase.


EXCELLENT! Fast shipping, great quality, Super price!

The part was correct, of excellent quality, included the appropriate mounting hardware and was shipped very fast at at a very reasonable price. All in all a perfect transaction.

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