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Unable to contact and faulty products

Bought a set of Professional MR16 Dimmable 4W Cree LED Warm White Spotlight Lamp 12VLED lights from Kenable.
After having them installed by a fully quailifed electrian. They found
A. The lights are NOT dimmable. Despite what it says on the box or on the website.
B. Light out put varying. eg some light are brighter then other
C. Overall light quality poor. Not bright at all
D. One bulb not working

I found not been able to get in contact with Kenable either by phone or email. My electrician did speak to them eventually and the person answering the phone was rude and unhelpful and despite promises never phone back
The light will be returned as they are no good to me so lets hope I get my money back. It has already cost me then planned as the additional time and effort from the electrician

13 November 2012

Reply from

Sorry about the problem you've had. We have only had an email from you this morning and have not had any emails or calls from you before that. We have been talking to your electrician and we did ask him to phone back yesterday or today when the person who could help you most would be back from holiday.

LED's are different from normal halogen bulbs. These LED's are dimmable, but only if your drivers and dimmer switch support the low wattage that these run on. If you imagine beforehand your 15x 50W bulbs needed 750W of power, whereas these LED's run on a total of 60W (15x4W). Drivers will have a minimum and maximum wattage rating, and you have to be sure that you are not going below the minimum. Couple that with a dimmer switch and it does make it a little more complex. For most setups it still should be fine, but if your setup was always geared up for high wattage (750W is some power to go through a light switch - most dimmers are 250W, some upto 400W) then it may cause problems with the low wattage LED's.

Trying to run a driver below the minimum wattage can get varying results, from not lighting the LED's at all to as you say, varying output.

LED's do have a different light output than Halogens. The light is a little more focused (LED's Beam their light whereas halogens flood). A 4W cree LED wouldn't be as powerful as a 50W Halogen either. A 50W Halogen may emit a flood of 800 lumens, LEDs are still a lot less. This one beams (rather than floods) 200 lumens. By concentrating the light in a beam, they are much brighter than a flooded 200 lumen, but still less light is emitted.

If you can provide us with a few more details of your setup, then hopefully we can help further. LED's aren't as good as Halogen light bulbs, although they are getting better. The big plus is the low running costs. For the cost of powering the 50W halogens for a month, these could be on for a year. The light is different, and takes a little to get used to, but the same can be said about standard incandescent light bulbs and the compact fluorescent lamps which are now common.



Prompt service and excellent and very helpful customer service

Bought a number of items from Bedeckhome which arrived very promptly. The duvet and pillow cases were fine. Sadly the curtains weren't my style. Perhaps this could have been avoided by an improved web illustration. There was no kwibble from Bedeck and the CS team was very attentive, they just gave a me a return number and money was back in my account within a month. Just a pity about the posting costs. As it was a heavy item it came to £12.50.
Would use them again.

Ordered at 1pm at delivered the next morning

Competitively priced, easy ordering system. I live in a rural location but still got my order in 24hrs

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