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Early Baby, order still not arrived and no date confirmed

We ordered a Babystyle Oyster Stroller with Grape Colour Pack from the website for my sister's expected baby. I looked at the product details and there was a green tick for stock so I went ahead and ordered. I knew it would take a while to arrive as these kind of big orders take time. I placed the order on the 2nd May and the baby was to arrive in early June so I thought that should be plenty of time. Someone else had ordered from Kiddisave a car seat and it arrived in 4 days so I didn't worry.

Towards mid May when nothing had arrived I contacted Kiddisave by phone to enquire about the order. I was told they were awaiting delivery from the manufacturer and that until that delivery came they could not dispatch. I was shocked and told them I thought it was in stock. I was told that if the item is in stock with the manufacturer then they state it as in stock. They await delivery from the manufacturer then and will then dispatch it to my sister. I was upset as I didn't realise that was the case but asked when the delivery from the manufacturer would arrive. I could not get a straight answer - we're expecting a delivery next week I was told but no date given or any kind of reassurance. I took them at their word and waited.

At the end of next week when there was still no delivery I contacted Kiddisave again. This time I was a bit distressed as my sister's baby had actually arrived early and was now born. I expressed my urgency to Kiddisave and explained that now the baby was here the stroller was needed very urgently for my sister to get around. I was firmly told that they had no control until a delivery came from the manufacturer - there was no further solution given to me other than to wait and nobody would confirm to me the manufacturer's delivery date! I don't mind waiting but until I have some idea of when it would arrive I could at least rest easy...but this way I was very uncertain and had to keep explaining and apologising to my sister. She managed to get along by using the car seat but in the first week of June it started to become too difficult to manage without a stroller. I phoned Kiddisave again and although they apologised for the inconvenience I was still told to wait and was again told a delivery was expected next week.

That was the last straw for me I'm afraid; I couldn't believe them because they had previously told me it would be delivered next week and it wasn't. I then had no way of knowing if it would be the next month or longer! I searched online for another babystyle stroller on the internet. They were out of stock in many places but I came across another seller called Groovystyle. I phoned them up and explained my situation. They were very sympathetic and calming. I had phoned on the Friday 8th June and they told me if I put the order through in the next 30 minutes they would personally see that it was dispatched immediately and confirmed it would get to my sister by Monday 11th June. I did as I was told and placed the order, phoned them up again and they dispatched it on the phone with me. I kept receiving texts to ensure me the order was on the way and it arrived with my sister on Monday as expected.

I just felt it was such a waste of time stressing over the order with Kiddisave when I could have had such an easy time elsewhere. They had explained they only show if the order is in stock with the manufacturer which is fine but if you cannot confirm properly when it will reach the customer then it causes a lot of unnecessary tension. I don't think I will be ever ordering with Kiddisave again even though this could have been a one-off incident. I didn't really like that nobody tried to understand or help even when I explained that the baby had come and we were having difficulty, if you sell baby products then I would've thought they'd had a little sympathy.

Sorry Kiddisave I don't normally like to give bad reviews but after that experience I really felt compelled to share my story.

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