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Good prices, poor customer service

I have sent a few parcels, mainly due to the good prices. However, as I found out, the customer service is poor.

I have never made a claim before and I needed to on this one occasion as some van parts were damaged whilst on their way to the USA.

I had declared them as 'vehicle parts', but ParcelHero said that they would not be covered for compensation since 'car parts' is on their list of excluded items. I challenged this and said that car parts are different to van parts (you cannot fit a van bumper on a car) but they still insisted that a car part was the same as a van part.

I am therefore challenging this through legal means since they do not seem to know the difference between a car and a van.


Well priced, questionable customer service

I have placed many orders with Toolstation over the last couple of years and they have all been fine, with excellent pricing.

However, I purchased some work trousers from them recently and they turned out to be the wrong size. The chap at our local branch didn't seem to want to help, so a manager came along and accused us of putting a small paint stain on the trousers so they didn't have to change them for another size. We purchased 2 pairs and the other pair was absolutely fine, plus we hadn't been anywhere near paint, so can only imagine the small stain was a manufacturing fault. After much persuasion, we managed to get a replacement pair.

So in general, good pricing, but not very happy with the service received.


Shoddy customer service and dodgy terms and conditions - be careful.

I've used 123-Reg for nearly 10 years. I remember a time when it would take their Customer Services *1 WEEK* to respond to a single email. Calling them wasn't an option for me since it was a premium rate 0906 number, costing either 50p or £1 a minute.

These days, emails are responded to in a matter of minutes and I haven't been on hold on their 0845 number (free from my BT tariff) for more than 3 minutes.

In terms of hosting, I haven't had any major issues, apart from a recent issue regarding WHOIS Privacy. The website and the invoice I received from them stated it would cost £1 per domain for a year. However, I was shocked to find that they had overcharged me - they charged me £4.99 + VAT per domain to have WHOIS Privacy on 3 domains. I sent all the relevent proof that I had (such as the invoice which clearly stated I was charged £1 + VAT per domain) but they were having none of it. The matter was then also escalated to the 2nd Line Support Manager but even she had a shoddy and careless attitude. They refused to refund me so in the end, my thanks go to American Express who saw the invoice and refunded me straight away and will now take it up with 123-Reg directly. As a result of this I am now going to migrate my domains elsewhere. I asked the 2nd Line Support Manager if I used her name as an excuse for transferring my services elsewhere, and in her usual careless attitude, she said this was fine! Whenever I would add something into the support ticket in order to try and resolve the issue, she would simply close the ticket without any response. If it wasn't for American Express, I was going to take this matter legally, though I have reported the matter to the Advertising Standards Authority for investigation.

My primary concern, however, relates to their terms regarding the storage of payment details, as I noticed a previous reviewer has mentioned. When I questioned this to 123-Reg, they said it's to maintain continuity and no loss of service, which I can understand. However, it should be MY DECISION if I want to pay 123-Reg, not theirs. If I wish to delete my payment details, then I should be allowed to, and thus take the responsibility if any services are disrupted.

The moment you store any card/direct debit/PayPal details, it will be stored and 123-Reg will take payment when a service is due without your permission. This in my view is theft.

123-Reg also mentioned that I should receive emails leading up to the renewal which inform me they will take payment unless I cancel the service. This is true, however, in a recent hosting renewal, I did not receive these emails. When I questioned 123-Reg, they said they checked the email logs and that reminder emails had been sent, thus branding me a liar (and yes, I did check the junk email folder).

If I had 1 credit card then I probably wouldn't be as fussed, however, I have multiple cards, so obviously want to make the most of the current offers which my card provider has at the time. By helping themselves to MY money, 123-Reg lose stakeholder confidence without a doubt, thus coupled with the customer service issue above, I am going to migrate all services elsewhere.

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Good but some concerns...

I've used Interparcel for many years without any major issues. I think the worst that's happened is a parcel not being collected one day, after a quick call, it was rearranged for the following day.

Otherwise, a very prompt and efficient service.

I would pay close attention to their terms though. There are many items listed which are not eligible for compensation in case of loss or damage, including computers. In fact, the list is so big, it makes me wonder what actually is covered for compensation.

Thankfully I've never had to make a claim, and more valuable items (such as laptops) I tend to send with other companies who DO provide insurance for computers.

Otherwise, for sending general parcels out, it's a lot cheaper than what the Post Office charge (especially the eye-watering prices of Parcelforce).

Customer services are usually helpful, though I find their usual Mon-Fri 9-5 opening hours a little annoying especially if they say I have to wait until 6pm for a collection, which may not arrive, so I have to wait until the next day to call them for a new collection the day after (so I end up waiting 2 days). This has only happened once though. I have found from experience their online chat can be open after 5pm sometimes so worth checking if their phone lines are closed.

I can recommend Interparcel, but as mentioned, make sure you check the terms carefully.


Great company.

I wanted a specific external Blu-ray drive which was out of stock at every possible retailer. I chose WAE+ due to the good price - the item was about £20-30 cheaper than others.

I knew from the beginning the item was out of stock as they correctly informed me.

Whenever I called, the operator was very friendly and offered me alternatives though I wanted this specific drive. They recognised I would be waiting a while so upgraded my delivery from the 10-12 working days service to a next day service, which I appreciated. Also, when calling, I used the geographical number that's clearly advertised all over their website - didn't see any premium/national rate numbers, so this was also positive to see.

I waited a few weeks for the item to arrive but would have appreciated an email or something to let me know it was on the way.

Delivery was fine, with UPS, not some of the horror stories I've seen on here about them using Yodel. I think the packaging could be improved - the Blu-ray box arrived in another box which was protected by a few bits of air bubble things.

I believe orders come from a European warehouse, hence the 10-12 working day delivery timeslot. If standard delivery could be quicker, I'd use WAE+ a lot more.


Absolute cowboys.

I placed an order, it was out of stock. I questioned why they advertise items which are in stock when they are not, only to get their Director email me and say "Don't contact us again". I then asked him not to email me, and then he began to harass me by sending emails from a Hotmail account. Considering reporting this to the police.

Stay well clear.

22 August 2012

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The Contents of this Review are inaccurate, where the person concerned has a personal grudge and is quite clearly a cowboy himself.

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