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yahoo is alright it isn'r exactly the Google that everyone uses but you can still get places using it. I personally dont use it very often but when I have a question then I do.


Its Great!

Apple is fab I love all of there products from I Pods to I Macs. The only problem most people have is that they cost quite a bit. I am lucky enough to go to a school that has I pads and I macs and I can go use them every single day but no most people are like me. Overall the products are fantabulous!



I haven't actually bought any closes from missesdressy.com yet but from what iv'e seen they are really nice and the website is easy to understand ans use.

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Wiki is great you can find out about everything although sometimes they can be all lies because there are normal average people who put there own viewpoint into it instead of the truth they are not pro's.



I love Tesco direct especially when they tell you whether the product you want is in stock or not.


love it

I love twitter you can catch up with all the latest gossip and celebs.



Youtube is Fantabulous you can listen to anything when you want where ever you want whether they are movies tv clips or just music its has it all!


I Love It!

I am in love with Skype I can chat for hours on end with people around the globe. Its absolutely fabulous! Even though if you want to make a call you have to pay how cares its cheap and easy to do. Some people would prefer not paying so you can still chat if you have a webcam you can make a video call.


Like a magnifying glass!

Google is like a magnifying glass you just ask for what you want and it just pops up in seconds. What ever you want whenever you need it. Even if its a question, if its maths you would type it in and it would probably pop up with a online virtual calculator how clever! Also the pick and drop a picture into the search box really helps.


Absolutely Fabulous!

Boohoo is great I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. They have all different styles to suit different people such as vertical stripes for taller people and horizontal stripes for shorter! No matter who you are or what you where you will ALWAYS find something at Boohoo.com Absolutely Fab!

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