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Much much better than the competition

This was a very good experience, following a recommendation to go to these people. Gave a fair price, and the guy really knew the car, even though it was a very rare model. Money arrived in bank when they said it would. Website a bit harder to use than some others - you do need to be careful because they assume quite a few factors unless you specifically change them.

Big Dog World

Big Dog - Empty Stomach

Ordered last Thursday, just too late to get dispatch that day, but was advised order had been dispatched Friday - got tracking information and everything. Tried to track today, but no information, so rang BDW only to be told that one of the products that I had ordered (one they had specifically emailed me about to tell me it was back in stock), had not come into stock until Friday at 5.30 pm meaning that my order was NOT dispatched at all. They had not contacted me to advise me of this delay, and would presumably have just let me arrive home tonight to find my dog without food.

I really am not impressed with this experience, and will almost certainly use a local supplier from now on.
Revised rating following the apology from the Company, and some compensation. Still feel there are aspects of this experience that could have easily been avoided.

13 January 2014

Reply from Big Dog World

Dear Mr Jagger, thank you for your comments and I'm very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with our service on this occasion.

As you say, your order should have been despatched on Friday for delivery to you on Monday. However, one of the items you ordered was due back in stock on Friday morning but didn't arrive until 5.15pm - just too late to get your order out. It has therefore been despatched today (Monday) for delivery to you tomorrow.

I'm very sorry you weren't notified about this, and I'm also sorry that you felt this 24-hour delay to your order merited a 1-star review.

I can see you have ordered from us several times before with no issues, and I hope you will use our service again. By way of apology, we have refunded £5 back to you.

Best regards,

Neil (Big Dog World)


Good service

These people seem to have upped their game - I was not impressed with them last time I used them just over a year ago, but on this occasion they were efficient and did exactly what they promised. I was out on call 1 so they left a card saying they would try again next day, which they did, and both parcels were delivered ahead of schedule.


Very good service, very good delivery options

Initially was going to buy my product from another online site that appeared to be cheaper, but on further investigation Appliances Online deliver free for any day except the next day - and the next day is only £9.99 extra. This free delivery includes you being able to specify Saturday or Sunday. You can also return the product within 10 days for any reason as long as it is not damaged etc.

The only slight concern I have is that they sold me cover for the appliance (extended warranty which includes accidental damage etc.) but after 2 weeks I have still not received the paperwork to be able to review the cover as promised. Have rung for duplicates which have been promised now.

23 March 2013

Reply from

Hi Richard

Thank you for your review.

Thank you very much for your great review :)

I can confirm the paperwork has been requested for you. This should arrive soon.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Shelby - Appliances Online

UK Mail

Did their job surprisingly well

A lot of people have a lot of bad things to say about some delivery companies (including me), but many of the gripes are simply about the procedures, rather than just plain bad service. UKmail surprised me for the following reasons:

1. They attempted delivery the next day as promised.
2. They stuck to the requirements of their customer and would not just leave the parcel anywhere, but required a signature, therefore meaning they did not leave my parcel on day one.
3. They gave me the option of re-arranging delivery and specifying where the parcel was to be left, as long as I left the signed card somewhere they could access it.
4. They re-delivered on the next working day, as requested, and left the parcel exactly where I asked them to leave it.

For those of you who haven't experienced the worst delivery companies, believe me this is exceptional.

Bit inconvenient for me - but only because they followed the rules.

Full marks.


Great Service with Great Systems

I recently ordered a laptop from an online company and I asked for Saturday delivery. I received notification that DPD would be delivering on the saturday. On the day I received a confirmation text advising of the one hour slot in which my laptop would be delivered. They even told me their driver would be called 'Dave'. Well Dave turned up about 5 minutes into his allotted time, and I was a very happy owner of a new laptop. Wish all delivery companies would invest in the type of system that DPD use, and that they could all deliver even on the right day, never mind within an hour slot.

Great experience. Exceeded expectations.

31 July 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Richard,
I'm glad you had a positive experience with our delivery service :) If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch, our email is
Thanks, Rich.

City Link

Yes, they really are as bad as people on here say!

Ordered a printer and unfortunately it was to be delivered by City Link. They were supposed to deliver next day between 7.30 am and 5.30 pm to a business address, but put a card through the door at 6.30 pm saying "Sorry we missed you." Yes you got that right - "Sorry we missed you." In other words it was all our fault for not being there. They said they would deliver again the next day, but after that, hard luck, you have to collect from the depot. I emailed them and rung them to check they would deliver before 5.30 and was told they would. At 6 pm I was still here on Friday waiting for them, and trying to get hold of them in their phone queue (presumably lots of other people had similar issues). Eventually spoke to someone who did eventually offer to re-deliver Monday but with little confidence that their depot would meet their target Monday either. In the end I requested a 'pre noon' delivery Monday and left it with them. They promised to confirm whether they could do this, but I didn't hear. The only good news - they did deliver Monday at 11.40 am, four days late and with no apology, and no contact from their customer relations people. The issues I had logged online on their system had both been marked as 'closed, with resolution' by Monday morning,even though the issue clearly had not been resolved at that point. Presumably that improves the Customer Relations team's statistics and misleads the newly appointed Customer Care Manager into thinking that things are better than they actually are.

The worrying thing is that they apparently cannot contact their driver, do not know his itinerary, and have no knowledge whatsoever of when your consignment might arrive. You just have to rely on the 10 hour window - 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. What's worse is that they cannot even meet that soft target.

My new policy is the same as someone else who reviewed this firm - if I am buying something, I will first ask who they use for delivery, if it's City Link I will take my business elsewhere.

George Philipand Sleep Kings found this review useful

Nice Printer - Shame about the Delivery Company (City Link)!

Ordered a Samsung ML3310ND Printer at a fantastic price from Printerland. Great duplex and Network enabled printer for less than £100 with free 5 year on-site warranty. I checked out this firm's review rating on Trust Pilot, and found them to be outstanding - 9.8 out of 10. Unfortunately they spoilt everything by using City Link to deliver - check out their reviews on here. You probably won't believe the terrible comments, but I can assure you that City Link really are as bad as everyone says (average 2.7/10). They don't have a proper tracking system - you just know it might come sometime on the next day - but my printer arrived four days late after many calls and emails and much hassle with City Link. To be fair to Printerland they did try to help and did communicate with me, but were clearly powerless with City Link as well. After trying to deal with them I can see why, but it's worrying given that Printerland are obviously a good customer of theirs.

My policy is now the same as someone else who wrote a review on here - if you are buying something from anywhere, ask who they use to deliver it. If it's City Link steer well clear and go elsewhere, there are infinitely better carriers around nowadays.

On further reflection I have given Printerland a score of 4 because they have been excellent at communicating with me even after the event, and did also offer some compensation. They do clearly care about their reputation being sullied by this other firm. Any firm that is willing to pay for someone else's poor service, does not deserve to get less than a 4, in my view. (They have also agreed to discuss the issue with the delivery company).

Thank you Printerland.

Save on Laptops

Great Service, Great Prices

No problems here, got a better than planned spec because of great price on a HP Probook. Delivery by DPD who give you a one hour slot by text/email on delivery day, and they delivered well within this window.

Exceeded expectations.

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