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A1 Poppers

Another company doing money selling a nasty mixture of chemicals

During the week I bought some poppers from three different vendors in order to verify the quality. With a1poppers ordered four different products in the hope of difference between them. 20 minutes after placing the order, I get emailed that my order has been shipped. WOW! Very quickly, it is almost impossible to cancel or change order, which I'm wanting to do. Very clever a1poppers!
A bit about the website. Very poor design, page "Contact Us" did not worked at all, showed an error. Now I see that it is already fixed. The customer can choose between 3 different shipping options, of course, differ in price. The worrying thing is that you can read in the T & C: "Items sent via royal mail 1st or 2nd class postage will not be replaced if lost in the post.".These conditions certainly do not encourage to place an order, but I took a chance.
When the package arrived I opened it immediately and I started to test all 4 products. I'm disappointed, all had the same content of some repulsive diluted chemical mixtures. These products have not been produced for the good of the client, but designed of making money on it only.
Free DVD does not contain scenes of the cover, which was my main reason for choosing a gift. Poor recording quality, nothing special. That's why you're getting it for free.
I tried to get at least a partial refund in exchange for the abandonment of writing by me reviews about a1poppers experience. It was more of a proposal, which I did to speed up the process. Unfortunately, the seller did not feel up to compensate for my dissatisfaction. It was my first and last order.

13 September 2012

Reply from www.a1poppers.co.uk

Many thanks for your review.

I think you are the only person that have given us a bad review based on us processing your order to fast and dispatching your order on the same day.

Our terms and conditions are clear and all of our customers can view them before purchasing from our website. You have the same option as everybody else if you did not like our website or terms.

I understand this review was left because we refused to give in to your demands for money. As a company we will never bow down or give in to anyone that tries to blackmail us with leaving a negative review if we do not give you money.

I refer back to our original email in which you were offered a full refund if you returned the products to us unopened. This was not acceptable to you and you insisted on us giving you money or you would leave a negative review.

I can not comment on the DVD, unfortunately we have not checked the content of each DVD as these are FREE gifts our customers do not have to pay for!

Very harsh review!

A1 Poppers


Unprofessional, greedy and selfish!

Free option is the longest time of delivery I've ever seen. It is designed to push customers to pay for the shipment and to abandon free shipping. With this policy, WAE+ can not see success, even if you are the cheapest! A total mistake. And don't delete my posts, but simply do something with the delivery time!

I got an email about the shipment the day before the 3-day (!) delivery window. The details of delivery was the message: "UPS". Just that! I expected that Royal Mail will be used as usual in the case of free shipping, but it came out differently. The next day I was at home all day, waiting for the UPS driver. No one appeared. A day later, I waited until noon and called WAE + asking for tracking number. They have this number!!!The only question is why did not I got it??? Link with the tracking number led to the b-post international(?) (http://www.bpost2.be). My package is in Belgium!!!??? If I got this information in the mail about the shipping, next day I did not sit all day at home, and even a day later.
I called across the border to "b-post international" with the question which stands for "Parcel is routed"? I got information that the package is in transport and I can check the Yodel website using "local barcode" found on the b-post tracking page.
Why I did not get this information from WAE+? Instead I get information about the used UPS Courier if that is not used at all?
Today b-post website shows the latest status of "Attempt failed delivery - Item put physically in warehouse". Place: GB. A little scary ... But at least is in UK!. Yodel website nothing showed yesterday, but today it is accurate information that the package last night went to the warehouse near me.
Today is the last day delivery window, and it seems that I get this package after 14 working days(+weekends=18 days!)from order! Information on the WAE+ website says about 10-12 working days!?
Why I did not get all the valuable information concerning the shipment of my purchase!? Instead I had to carry out a private investigation!

20 July 2012

Reply from WAE+

I'm sorry that the email despatch stated UPS, this was incorrect in this case and will be delivered by HDNL/Yodel. We use bPost for our shipments from our European Hub as we did for yours.
If your order arrives today as it should do it will arrive on time.
I'm sorry that you're not happy with the wait 10-12 working days but we do offer 1-3 days delivery for just £5.95, this method then travels across several countries by air to get to you much quicker but does inevitably cost a little more but still reasonable we are told by many customers.
Again I'm sorry for the misinformation and its disappointing that bPost/HDNL have not been as quick as usual in this case but it should arrive today - on time.

Kind regards,

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