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Disgusting, non existant customer service

-They cut you off when you have paid
-Customer service overseas are is informed and cannot help in any way (they give you wrong info and address for complaints too)
- Writing to customer service in Newcastle recorded post with a £10 postal order to ask for copies of the phone calls to proove you are right are ignored.
- You get to enjoy making countless calls over a period of months and being on hold for what adds up to hours.

A TOTAL DISGRACE - Much as you want fast broadband, wait for another supplier!

Check out my youtube evidence:


Sir Michael Rake gets over £600,000 a year to oversee this company. BT used to be a huge UK employer, but that has changed.

This is not a knee jerk reaction video.

I got a red demand letter from BT in February 2012 for £259, it seem they had never taken from the direct debit I signed and set up. My Bank have said it is fine their end.

So I paid they bill, not a problem I was told by a chap overseas from BT.

A week later phone line was cut off.

Over two months and dozens of calls later and hours and hours on hold 3, plus ignored emails by David.ross@bt.com who promised to sort out the mess later it's long overdue complaint time. Especially as I have now had a bailiff demand for nearly £300 for breach of contract.

All I wanted to do is get a list of the calls I have made from them for my complaint letter, I can have it but it will cost £10.

Oh, the address to write to I'm given is actually wrong too.

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foods ok, prices way too high

as above really, Im off to harvester instead for much better value.

Some of the franchises for BK have been a joke in terms of cleanliness and staff ability to even talk!


Love it!

Been going for years, and how can you fault the value when it costs less than a burger king!

Maybe it depends on your local branch, but Chelmsford and the others near us are all brilliant.

That said we had our first ever moan last week (waitress was rude - we all have bad days), and had a letter back in a week with a voucher to cover the cost of the meal.

Maybe Sarah its the way you write a letter?


They are ripping us all off

£1.69 for one, or £1.99 for two etc. Shut up, why not just be 99p I only want one.

They have been allowed to grow way too big.

Only gets a second star for selling petrol and putting pressure on the likes of BP where we all get ripped off too.

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Excellent all round

I am a seller, and compared to ebay its just different class. Instant assistance from support.

Only downside it its very limited on space for describing and selling your product vs ebay.


Easy to use, effective and Free to try - what more do you need

Having started a company in late 2011 which is eccommerce based, it was obvious I need to keep customers updated with new products and offers.

My first concern was uploading our mail list, and it took seconds. It also cleaned it up for duplicates too.

Creating a great looking mail template was a sinch too. Drag and drop images, add links for them and a few words and that's it, hit send.

You can also send at a certain day and time which is cool for delivering the email at the best time.

My contact was Alistair, very responsive and helpful.

All this, and I haven't paid a single penny, and I know it works as the reports show who and how many opened, read and clicked through to our website.

Dotmailer for my small business has been invaluable. Awesome stuff!

Ah, ps my company is Purity Fragrance...if you don't like spending a fortune on plug in air freshener refills take a look....never miss a trick! :)

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