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Need to sharpen up their online ordering system

I ordered an item from them on a Saturday, but was surprised to see that it had not appeared on their system by Monday evening. Even more disappointing was the fact that I had to email them to ask why, only to receive a phone call (eventually) telling me that it wasn't actually in stock and wouldn't be until 17 March at the earliest!
Sort people, if you are going to be open for business 24/7, so that you don't miss any business, you need to have a real time ordering and confirmation system. Taking orders that you can't fulfill, just in case you can convince the customer to wait for you to restock, is not acceptable. In this case I have agreed to wait, as the item seems to be out of stock on all sites, but that's not the point. As a minimum, your site should make it clear that items are not currently in stock, as happens on Amazon.

Every towel rail should have one

Given how easy it is to waste energy by leaving a heated towel rail on for too long, because it is upstairs and you are now downstairs until you go to bed, I think every heated towel rail should have one of these as standard.
Although I am very happy with the performance of the product, it only got three stars for two reasons.
Firstly, the wiring in was tricky because of the terminal sizes compared to the twin and earth cabling.
Secondly, if used in a location, other than brightly lit and at light switch level, the LCD readout is not that easy to see and actually requires the use of a torch whilst sat on the floor.
It was also disappointing to see that the wiring diagram inaccurate. The installation instructions contain a sketch of wiring for a low voltage installation, but a wiring diagram for a mains voltage circuit. This has been corrected on the website, but obviously not in shelf stock items. Suppliers should be given a correction sheet to send out with these switches.

18 July 2012

Reply from Geyser Radiators Ltd


You haven't mentioned the product you are refrring to anywhere here.. but I can only assume you are talking about our pre programmable digital timer.

Since you pruchased this device we have now changed manufacturer and the wiring diagram issue is no more. We are always striving to improve our products and previous feedback is the reason we have already manufacturer.

Glad you were happy in every other aspect with out service.

Alex Ramsay
General Manager

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