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I ordered a designer radiator, after a week or so it started to tarnish and rust, they sent a second, that tarnished and rusted, they sent a 3rd, it's tarnishing and......oh you get the picture.
This 3 rd radiator also is twisted, so I have 12 holes from the original rad, with only one hole lining up, and 3 holes showing outside of brackets, and to top it off the centres of my pipes are miles away from the centres of rad so it cannot be plumbed in.The answer is a new rad, which is all well and good but what about the 12 drilled holes in 4 tiles, and the pipe centers?

18 July 2012

Reply from Geyser Radiators Ltd


In response to your feedback (and for the purposes of other customers reading this review) I have been personally involved in this case to date and as already discussed via email I am sorry for the problems you have encountered.

Re: Holes Not Lining Up
It is unfortunate with this product in question, the "Taavi" it has fixed circular wall mounting plates with pre drilled holes in the circular discs, therefore if not welded in the same place every time these can be located in different places around the disc, so only when needing to be replaced the holes don't always line up. We are going to look at improving this product so the discs are either made loose or the holes are correctly aligned every time.

Re: Rusting Towel Rail
All of our towel rails are soak tested with salt water during manufacture (filled to check for potential leaks and the corrosiveness of the steel). These particular towel rails are made in India and we are in constant communication with the plant to ensure they are fully dried before being packaged, as otherwise the high salt content water causing rust to appear. This problem has only affected this one batch (from which thus customer purchased). Clearly this doesn't affect all deliveries otherwise all our customers would be reporting the same issue. Normally our Quality Checks would find these problems and they would be removed from sale before ever reaching a customer. I am sorry in this case this hasn't happened.

Once again, I am sorry for your inconvenience and I am still in contact with you in ascertaining what can be done to rectify the problem for him.

Alex Ramsay
General Manager

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