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selling pirated DVDs

I have used CeX a lot of times in the past with only minor issues. The delivery is normally fantastic and can not be beat. The customer service is okay at best.

However. On my recent order they sent me 2 smashed DVDs along with a blantent pirated copy

I returned these and made a complaint.

I have sent loads of emails to "wecare " and the responses are generic and have complety ignored my complaint.

Pirated DVDs are illegal and unethical.

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05 April 2014

Reply from CeX

Hi Sam,

Sorry to hear about this. We do not sell pirated DVDs, however, I apologise if you had been sold one. This matter is being looked into further, and we'll be getting back to your email shortly.

Thank you for your review.




Great prices, great selection. The choice of restaurants with my coupon was good and great value for money. The seats we were allocated were amazing

Will use again! No problems at all.


time slots are great.

Get an text with delivery date and time. Always arrives. Driver friendly and helpful.


Amazing everytime

I import stock from China a.few times a month. DHL process this and sometimes items take less than 48hours to arrive.which is fantastic.

My usual drivers are always very friendly and.helpful. Tracy works around me with regards to delivery times.


Attempted Delivery.... Not attempted

I got an card through the post asking to re-arrange delivery.
Driver did not knock and just put card in the letter box.
Will be sending CCTV to DX to prove this.
Why? I do not understand why the driver did this, pointless.

Update - 30/01/14: DX got back to be, bluntly, stated he tried to deliver at 3.32, I was in the front garden at this time! Double checked CCTV, no driver... Awaiting another response from DX...

Update - 17/02/14: Still no response from DX

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30 January 2014

Reply from DX

Hi Sam,

I am sorry to hear this, please could you send your tracking number, contact details and the details of what happened to so we can investigate this.



Miss selling caused death

I purchased my Gecko and complete setup from here last year. I was told in good faith he was a Leopard Gecko and that what they sold me was all I need. However my Gecko has now had to be put down due to an illness. This illness was due to his living environments being wrong as he was actually a Pictus Gecko and needed differnt temps etc...


Best insurance handlers ever

My claim got passed to Lakeside UK for them to handle on behalf on my insurer. They phoned me within 4hours of being passed my details... the damaged TV was collected on time 3days later.. 5hours after collection I get phoned and offered a replacement, 2 days later the replacement arrived.


Lightning fast

They do not lie when they say NextDay Coffee.

The order was packed really fast and got to me in less than 24hours

Amazing coffee beans, amazing price.

The 1 time they did send me a wrong item, they sorted it out within 4hours, :)


Local driver friendly

I have used MyHermes a few times now and to see the low rating has shocked me. They have Good prices and the speed is ok, often arrives early.

My local Hadleigh, Essex driver (Georgina) is fantastic, very friendly and happy to help.

MyHermes have not let me down yet for collections, and they have always arrived the other end. Much better than Yodel xD


Friendly staff, poor quality carpets

I went there last year to get new carpet for my bedroom, nothing fancy, but i wanted it to last.

I purchased a roll marked up as "Heavy Duty General"

I have had the carpet for about a year and it is ruined. Poor quality. Will not be going there again.

Staff were kind of helpful however and the showroom was clean and well presented


lightning fast

Pizza was delivered well within the time limit. Was baking hot, good toppings and good quality. Only downside is they did not check my card.

Rand Logistics

Fantastic reliable servics

I have sent two parcels via Rand. The price is the cheapest around but its far from a cheap service. They collected on time, parcels arrived in China in good condition. Customer service via live chat / email / facebook is fast, easy and provide a good pre and post sale service

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Customer service there is pointless

They did not want to know when I made a complaint. Staff watched as someone pushed in front off us and jumped into our seats after we waited for 20mins patiently. They took the pushers side and simple could not be bothered. The rides lack maintainance, they are always looking for quick cheap fixes such as s plastic bag over live electrical wires as protection. The park has no less than 13 food stands. That's 1 for every 2 rides.....

great selection

Loads of great items at good prices. Normally fantastic delivery


no common sense

Easyjet left us waiting in a bus outside the plane for over half an hour. With no reason. The fact that no one even bothered to let us know what was happening was appalling. I know delays happen but it's the principal. You should keep your customers updated. Still no reply from my letter after 4weeks


Customer "no" service

I purchased a pair of shorts from here to be delivered next day to an collect plus shop. The item was not dispatched on time. The customer service took days to reply from a specialist team. The order was sent back to them 4weeks ago. Still no refund. I had to contact the courier myself to get confirmation the parcel was lost. This was forwarded to them. They said that this was not good enough. I had to get compensation from the courier themsemveu as after 20emails to very I have got nowhere. The customer service did not answer my emails in full. Always generic answers, going to write to head office. Shame as I uses to like this company

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always good

I have used these about 5 times now. Very speedy turn around. Good prices paid. The one time I needed to contact customer service was a good experience. They resolved issue very fast


Great if you know how to use it

This site is fantastic if you learn how to use it.
Spot the dodgy suplliers (check reviews / feedback)
If the price seems too low, it probs is
I have found a few fantastic supplier who i have now spent many £1000s whith
Customer service can be slow, but they ARE there for you

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Amazing service

Each claim has been hassle free, quick and easy. :)
Customer service is great, fantastic company


terrible service

Emailed 4 times now. No reply.
They never delivered on time and the parcel has still not been returned to very after 3weeks. Item was "lost" in transit

(Issue was resolved quickly by contacting Phillip Marsh. )

24 May 2013

Reply from CollectPlus

Hello, Sam
I'm glad that we have been in contact. Thank you for e-mailing me. Kind regards
PhilipM, CollectPlus.


excellent service

The 3g is normally extremely reliable and fast. 4g is great where available and really fast. The customer service is far better than orange. Also the roaming packages are fantastic


Awful Courier

After hearing bad reviews, i was a bit worried about using them
So i should have been! I thought as my item was fairly straight forward it would have been safe, it was a case of Vanilla coke, securely wrapped and marked with 'Handle with Care'
Was tracked for a little while the suddenly stopped, they have "lost" my parcel. Not happy. They were meant to search the warehouse and get back to me, never did. They are a bunch of thieves
Stay well clear!!

Update: 31st may 13. Still waiting on refund

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