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Appallingly Bad.

Firstly, it is only fair to point out that I have had TalkTalk Broadband services, for a number of years , without incident.

This review is about TalkTalk Mobile. I took out 2 sim deals at the end of September , beginning of October , 2013. They arrived fairly quickly , and existing phone numbers transferred.

My mistake was spotting an excellent deal for a sim free Blackberry. Not available when I took out the sim only deals. The phone requires a micro sim . No problem , I thought. As I could not understand a word of the customer services representative from foreign shores , or he I , I elected to email my request for a micro sim . That was 14 November 2013 . I was assured it would take 5 working days. Not ideal , but there we go.

It is now 28 November 2013, and I still await my micro sim card . On 21 November I completed an on line complaint form on the TalkTalk website. As suggested by their staff operating their Twitter account. No order for a replacement micro sim card was recorded on their system. Great. Worry not, Anthony. We will , on 22 November , definitely send you a micro sim card which you will receive on Monday 25 November 2013. It failed to arrive. Upon enquiring , via Twitter , I was refused an answer to my question on what method was the sim card despatched to afford the staff member confidence that it would definitely arrive on Monday 25 November. TalkTalk still steadfastly refuse to answer that question . Apart from being berated for having the temerity to describe their verbal , and written responses , as bullshit , I am now either totally ignored. Or that my micro sim has been despatched , and will arrive " soon ". Which is miles away from giving a definitive date of delivery earlier this week.

These people can seemingly act with impunity . They have no shops. They refuse to give phone numbers / e mail addresses of anyone in their U. K operation. One is frustratingly at the behest of their incompetence. They certainly do not like my problems aired on Twitter. Preferring to communicate via their web site email service. On the pretence that it offers them a better opportunity to offer me , their customer , assistance. Which , in my recent experience , is conspicuous by its absence .

I cannot even go to one of their competitor's . Notwithstanding early cancellation fees , my number is very important to me. I would require TalkTalk to provide a mac code. Presently , I would not ask them the time of day .

The saga continues.

Trionic Veloped

Absolutely terrific!

I was born with Spina Bifida. I walked until an operation that did not work out in 2006. Since then i have walked,poorly,with a variety of walking sticks and crutches. I also purchased a mobility scooter which i loathed with a vengeance. Previously,rollators were unsuitable. I now have no independent standing balance so a sturdy rollator was required. Enter the Veloped which i have had for one week. I have walked further,faster,and better in the past week than i have in the past six years. It can only improve i feel. It is beautifully engineered yet sturdy and light. I can get it into the front passenger footwell of my car without difficulty. Something i could not do with a mobility scooter. The Veloped is the answer to my wanting to continue walking for as long as i can. It is also worthy of mention that the quality of service from Stefan and his team was exemplary. Queries were answered promptly,courteously, and professionally. It was a delight dealing with them. Yes,the Veloped is deemed expensive. But what price can one put on ones quality of life and independence? I would not hesitate to recommend the Veloped to anyone

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