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Speedy & croc-o-licious

Hey girlfriend! So, I was in the theatre changing room and faced with a footwear dilemma - ugly uncomfortable clogs or smelly comfy crocs - such a choice I should not wish upon my worst enemy. That day I made a choice. A choice to go on and get myself a pair of crocs...chocolate crocs. They came in just a few days and guuuuurl, I have never looked back. Get yourself sorted, if not for the operating theatre then for everyday life. Because life's too short to be smelly or uncomfortable. Check you on the bounce ;) x


take the piss.

Ryan Air are money grabbing wankers disguised as a budget airline. They quote you something ridiculously low when you're choosing airlines then once you're stuck with them you effectively have to pay for the air you wish to consume whilst on board. The journey is unpleasant perhaps because they want to remind you you're doing it the 'cheap' way. You'll wish you never did it. Avoid avoid avoid.

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I wouldn't obtain prescriptions any other way.

Hey y'all,
This here's a great service. Repeat prescriptions shouldn't require repeat visits to the pharmacy unless you're elderly and enjoy that sort of thing. I only wish everything in life was so simple and fast.
Much love

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