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Don't. Just don't. You will regret it.

Awful company. Everything you've ever heard about them is true, they are liars and thieves. They will charge you money for absolutely everything they can. I'm surprised they don't charge you for the oxygen in the planes. Don't be tempted by their low prices, once you've added on charges for luggage, booking fees, checking in fees, debit/credit card fees, airport tax plus more it ends up the same price as a nicer airline.

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Just brilliant

I buy almost everything from Amazon except groceries, it's always delivered quickly (the rare exception is when it is an independent seller) and is as described. The site is used often enough that reviews are reliable, and I just don't have a bad word to say. I have set up a wedding gift registry with them as well, and I can't fault this either. A couple of minor issues I did have were sorted within moments of emailing them.

Furniture At Work™ (Furniture@Work Ltd)

Delivery is never next day, chairs are nightmare to assemble, but prices are fairly reasonable.

I purchased a set of meeting room chairs that were promised as next day delivery. They took two days to turn up which wasn't a problem for me, but they really should do what they promise to do. In their T&Cs it says that they aren't required to deliver next day and aren't bound by any delivery times at all, so I don't know why the even bother saying that they do next day delivery. I have purchased from them several times before and not once has it arrived next day.

The chairs themselves are not great quality. Once they're together they look good but the assembly is absolutely horrendous. Every chair is different so if you get a pack of several, you're not sure which parts go together. They claim on the instructions that the parts are numbered but this is not true. Several times I had to disassemble the chairs as they would not fit together securely, and mix and match the parts until I got it right. I have had to leave out washers as they wouldn't go and use different screws, which doesn't instill a lot of confidence in the safety of the chairs. In the end, 2 out of 8 chairs that I bought just wouldn't go together.

I am in the process of requesting a refund for those chairs. I haven't dealt with their customer services personally yet as I have only just emailed them about my issues. From other reviews I've read, I have heard that it is appalling, but I cannot comment from personal experience so I shall have to wait and see.

I would only recommend this company if you are really hard up and just can't afford to get your furniture from anywhere else. Be prepared to wait longer for delivery and to take quite some time trying to put it together. However, if you can afford to buy better quality, please do! I know I will be next time I have a big order. Previously I've only bought single office chairs that aren't too much of a problem, but when buying in bulk and trying to get a load of chairs together while still trying to do your normal job takes days.

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