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Facebook, bleh

It's ok.

When it first hit the scene it was amazing. It was amazing because it was simple. It has become an unwieldy difficult to use site these days. With 'security consciousness' plastered over everything, it's got complicated. I know they have to, I know it's probably the best way of doing it, but it's not fun any more. The games are no longer as good, they all seem the same, rehashed with a blonde girl instead of a dog as the main character. And with plenty of hidden costs to make the companies money.

I used to go on religiously.

Now Facebook is lucky if I go on once a week. It's mainly because I've been emailed about something happening, and I've not deleted the message has been swamped among those from Facebook telling me that I've not been on for a while.


I think I once said that Amazon were more efficient than the third Reich

I like Amazon, just to let you know I have a very personal bias. I love the Kindle, I love their MP3 store, I buy loads of stuff (music, games, electronics and in one case, pillows) from them. I don't mind doing this because they are normally the cheapest. On top of that, they sell everything. And they deliver it quickly. Even approaching Christmas, and with the 'standard delivery'. Their returns policy is superb, the two items I've bought that required returning were both done so without quibble, and as efficiently as everything else they do. With Amazon doing it this well...the High Street has to buck it's ideas up!

Mazuma Mobile

It just works

I'd seen the ads, but I still checked on line to make sure I was getting the best deal, and Mazuma were comparable or better than other options. It was very easy to do; I filled in the details on the website in a few moments for two phones (the hardest bit was reading the numbers on the phones!) they gave me a quote, posted me a bag, I posted it back and within a couple of days had a cheque. If I had more phones I would use them again! I have already recommended them to somebody I know who was getting rid of a phone.

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Who ever said that the old days were best obviously doesn't know how to use the internet on their mobile phone.