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I wouldn't wish this company on anyone. In one word bloodydreadful.

How they remain in business i'll never know. "You are 35th in the queue". 35th! That's how many other people have held on because they are so angry with their terrible customer service and NOT a true reflection of the number of people who feel like sticking pins in their eyes rather than deal with them. We keep getting meter reading requests but trying to use their online service meets with frustrated failure time after time, ditto with their phone service. Apparently the problem is that we have a dummy meter showing at their end, but my two attempts to sort this have been met with failure, despite their pledges to resolve it. Now we have another meter reading request. Well F U First Utility, I'm leaving you as soon as I possibly can.

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Avoid Yodel at all costs!

Rubbish service. Won't leave an item if you are out even if you've agreed with them on the phone beforehand that it's ok for them to do so and you place a note in plain view so their driver can take it as proof. <external links removed> don't seem to have a problem with this.

I'd suggest Amazon and their retailers drop them asap.

Tayna Batteries

Poor after sales service

Dreadful service from Tayna. I bought a Numax leisure battery charger from you a few weeks ago. Working fine till one morning when I go in my van to disconnect it and I find that its not switched on. Investigation reveals my consumer unit is tripped. I try to switch fuses on and it immediately trips. I disconnect charger and take in the garage and try it on multiple leisure batteries, one even fully charged - same story every time. Connectors are all on the right way so charger is duff.

I email Tayna on the Sunday explaining the problem and that i'll be returning it; could they process asap and send a replacement. I box it up and enclose a letter stating same and send it Special Delivery on the Tuesday. I hear nothing for a week so yesterday I call you, then begin the fun and games...

I spoke to someone called <NAME REMOVED>. They've sent it on to Numax to test it. "Did you test it?" - nope, they we just sent it off. Anyway Numax test it and charge 3 or 4 batteries with it and say its fine. I said it can't be - i've been charging batteries for decades and know when something is not right. Nope, its fine <NAME REMOVED> says. Anyway he'll get it back from Numax and check it at Tayna HQ - fine I say. My guess its either an intermittent problem or it could be that the unit has been mixed up somewhere along the way.

Anyway <NAME REMOVED> says he'll call me back later. He doesn't, so I call him this afternoon, 24 hours since we last spoke. Yep, he's had the charger back and it's working fine. Right, we aren't going to agree that there may be an intermittent problem or it could be that the unit has been mixed up somewhere along the way so will he send it back. Here's the rub - "Sure - if you pay the carriage".

Now given most people wouldn't make up a problem with the charger like this (I wasn't asking for a refund - I just want a charger that works), nor would they go to the expense of Special Delivering it over to him - £9.75 out of my pocket, and given the 3 or 4 calls i've made in chasing it all up, wouldn't most companies be keen to retain future business and waive the carriage? What poor customer service. Glad I don't run my business this way!

Oh, and in disagreeing with <NAME REMOVED> that i couldn't have mixed up the polarity cost the leads are hard-wired into my window cleaning van <NAME REMOVED> says, "We don't like selling batteries to window cleaners 'cos they always trash them". This isn't going to go down well when other window cleaners hear about it!

So, i'm not going to pay the carriage and Tayna won't which means you are keeping my charger. No problem - if it is the one I sent you it's faulty and I wouldn't want to use it. It also means i've been able to satisfy myself that Tayna aren't good when things go wrong (incidentally I can't fault you taking money and getting things to customers - superb), but as most people would agree, a business is judged on how they perform when things go wrong and with Tayna it's a fail. As i'll be explaining to Conwy Trading Standards.
I'd like to follow up on Tayna's reply.

When I questioned <NAME REMOVED> whether, on receipt of the charge from me, Tayna had tested it he said they hadn't - they'd simply returned it to the manufacturer. I suggest that Tayna review their recorded telephone conversations with me.

I think it is fair to assume that the charger was faulty when it left me. I expressed my regret that I had not recorded the serial number of the unit as I felt the item may have been mixed up somewhere along the line, or indeed it could be an intermittent fault.

I quite agree that there was a difference of opinion and I am willing to accept that Tayna and Numax believe the item they were testing was not faulty. I can only reiterate that when I connected it in the evening it was working perfectly; when I went to it in the morning it had tripped the consumer unit. I then tested it on 3 batteries, one of which was fully charged and did so in the garage and in the house and on all occassions it tripped the consumer unit. I have a seperate charger which is not suitable for leisure batteries and this did not trip the consumer unit. I think any reasonable person would conclude it was the charger that was faulty under these circumstance, but that is not the point of this negative review.

The point is that given my several calls to Tayna and whilst we had had words, for the sake of retaining a customer you'd have thought they would have waived the return shipping cost of £7 or so. Instead i've been forced to write this review and they've lost my future business, and yet they are still sending the charger back to me.

On receipt I will have the charger inspected by a local electrical engineering company to establish if there could be an intermittent fault. I will have them prepare a report if this is the case and I will then return the charger to Tayna for replacement under the warranty scheme. Should no fault be found I shall be not be using the charger in any case as I cannot rely on it as being safe. I'm willing to take the hit on this.

This was never about the charger, but poor customer service - and look where it's got them.

19 July 2012

Reply from Tayna Batteries

As you can see from our reviews we have exemplary customer service and actually pride the way we service our customers. Here is the true course of events:

Sunday 8th July
Customer advised charger wasn't working properly and was sending back for warranty claim.

Wednesday 11th July
Charger received by returns dept. Initial test shows no fault; charger fully charged 85Ah leisure battery.
Battery sent back to Numax for further inspection.

Friday 13th July -
Numax receive charger.

Tuesday 17th July -
Numax conclude test: Battery charger not faulty and in full operational health.
Customer immediately informed of results and asked to pay for return as goods were not faulty. Please note that, if the charger was faulty, Numax would have issued an immediate warranty and WE would have paid for the return.

It is clear from the customer's comments that he was 100% certain the charger was faulty. From our point of view it would have been a lot easier to deal with if this was true. The item would have been replaced immediately and been with the customer on Thursday 12th July. Unfortunately when situations like this arise there will always be difference of opinion.
The tests carried out on the charger only yielded factual results, for which there can be no argument. As a gesture of good will and to appease this customer, we have sent the item back to him free of charge.

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