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The worst service of any company.

I rated BT 1 star for a number of reasons: 7 years of paying for broadband speeds at less than 56k modem speeds.etc...11k to 32 k! is the norm.
Yes i live 2 miles from exchange but the promised 500k is a very rare occurrence.Eight to ten calls per year is an average.The automated staff response is very frustrating.We cannot even get a new modem as they advertise a more stable connection..
Recent problem took 6 days to get an engineer to my property from 2 miles away the problem was at the exchange with a faulty part that took 5 minutes to fix!!!!
I have friends who are now looking for alternative broadband services as a result of their service.When my contract ends.That's it.Enough's enough.Plus a point must be made regarding customer service based in India.I find this totally unacceptable taking issue with misunderstandings due to dialect plus BT needs the support of the people it serves.So bring back these jobs to the people who made BT in the first place.The British people.
One last point i find the constant advertising of ever faster broadband speeds for people who already have mega fast speeds an insult...The fast get faster...the rest of us are speed poor.Their now getting fibre optic!!! i give up....
So wake up BT the monopoly is over...hence your decreasing market share .Complacency is not good....


Always a great perfect service.

In all fairness to such a big logistical nightmare.Amazon is an amazing company.I pretty much use Amazon for everything from books to electrical products.I have used their service for many years and will continue to do so....In a nation where people are quick to jump on negativity. Well done Amazon!!!!!!

Indigo Herbs

Perfect service.Great prices.

Ordered twice so far with Indigo herbs and have found the service to be excellent.Super fast delivery and fairly priced products.Very happy and will use Indigo for all my future purchases.

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