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Terrible company that will hold your parcel for ransom and still don't deliver after payment!!!!!

I was sent an in-expensive gift sample from the US. Parceforce charged me an extra £13.50 to deliver it claiming that I had to pay them a handling fee because it was an express international delivery that had to go through customs. I didn't even receive a letter of notification of this fee when I hadn't received my express parcel after 5 freaking days! I had to ring up and track down this info and pay this extra ransom charge to get my package delivered. I still have not received my package although I have paid and it has been in the UK for over a week! This is the absolute worst delivery company in the UK so please beware before you choose them. They are an unregulated company and can seemingly behave and treat customers how they like! I will never use this company again and will be letting my many internet friends and follwers know that Parcelforce is an evil and disgraceful company to be avoided at all cost!


An excellent website for beauty and hair products.

This is an excellent website with a lot of yummy top of the line beauty and hair products. Their customer service is great and they package products very carefully. Normally, I receive my products either next day or within two working days. One of the best shopping experiences on the web!


Still waiting for my order to be completed after an entire month !!!

I ordered three comics from this company over a month a go and only received one with no explanation of when I would receive the other two. Or why I have been charged for shipping for three items when I've only received one?
I have sent email inquiries to this company but no answers have still been forthcoming. How difficult can it be to explain the situation to a customer? In my opinion, ignoring customers is really the most cowardice action a company can take.
This is the worst online shopping experience I have ever encountered and that's saying something from a person who orders everything online 99% of the time (including groceries) and have done so for well over the last ten or more years.
Btw, I live in England so there's no logical reason this should have taken this long.
I will never order from this company ever again!

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