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Very quick, very reliable snd met the valustion in full.

Delighted with the service, not the highest valuation out there but at least you know it won't get knocked down provided you gave an honest assessment if condition. Impressed, would use again and would recommend.

Prosound Dj


Email to say order being processed and then despite two reminders (and no goods) no replies. Can't log into website to check status and then finally I get an email to say order cancelled due to store closure???

The website says login is incompatible with IE8 - what kind of lame excuse is that and in any case it is not true as it doesn't work with Firefox either!

At least no payment was taken.

1. Are these people still trading?
2. If the store is closed then why is their website still live?

Do yourself a big favour - AVOID AT ALL COSTS

These people will waste your time - shop elsewhere.

AV Addicts

Delivered in the end

Just to be clear that I am not associatied with this company and don't work for them. Like other reviewers I suspect that one or two of the 'glowing' reviews posted on here in the past might not have been genuine.

I ordered a TV on the Saturday (by phone) for delivery the following Weds. For this reason I can't comment on the online payment process on the web site as I did not use it. The TV never arrived, so I called them after noticing that my card had not been debited (which is a good thing in this respect).

Very helpful guy (Adam) on the phone initially unable to explain and then after checking stated that they were out of stock as the in stock model had been tested prior to shipping and found to have a broken screen - hmmm. Stated that he was guaranteed delivery to him of more stock by this Monday and would guarantee for delivery on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, I got a call to say the delivery van had broken down and so it could not be delivered before Wednesday morning (to be fair guy on the phone, he sounded genuinely fed up at this point as though he had been let down and was unhappy at having to do the same to me). Received a call later that day advising that the TV would be delivered next day between 09:30 and 10:30 and that I would be able to inspect the goods before signing. So did they turn up - yes they did at 10:20. I helped the guy unload it, we unpacked it and checked the condition and I took as long as I needed and signed the delivery note as 'checked but not operationally tested'; probably has no standing in law but it made me feel better.

If I had seen these reviews before ordering from AV Addicts I would almost certainly have thought about shopping elsewhere, their prices are good but they are not uniquely so. However, in their defence they have almost certainly had a legacy of problems in the past - the reviews on here clearly demonstrate that. The guy in the Customer Services dept is genuine and tries his best to help and ultimately they delivered the goods in the end, as promised and didn't take payment until after I had signed for the goods. I was also able to take sufficient time to inspect the TV (how many couriers allow you to do that without a lot of pressure to 'just sign') and the item was in mint condition and works just fine. Not disputing what has happened to others but my experience overall has been a good one.

Perhaps I got lucky, but my sense is that they are a company working hard to put problems in the past behind them. They have a bit of a mountain to climb to recover their reputation and will need to do at least this well and better on a consistent basis in order to achieve it.

However overall - I am a satisfied customer. Would I use them again, yes I would but I would do it all by phone - until I see more evidence of consistent improvement (via good, genuine customer feedback) of the web purchasing process. Would I recommend them - yes - but that has to be down to your individual judgement.

One comment on email correspondence - it's reassuring to be able to get a voice on the phone but better email correspondence is something they can improve on.

Received an unexpected and welcome follow up call from AV Addicts after delivery, a nice touch and I should have added that they threw in a couple of HDMI cables (although only left one but I am promised a second one in the post).

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