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Easy returns.

I have used zappos about 4 times now. They are excellent with returns, customer service is spotless and they are always friendly and helpful when I contact them. I love this website and encourage all interested to use it


The missing item is my fault? Let's see what delivery confirmation says about that.

I had no trouble with figleaves until I tried to return my order. On a whim, I sent the package with delivery confirmation. I had attached THEIR OWN address label sticker so I know the address is correct. Two and a half weeks after sending $180 worth of bras back to the company I still had no confirmation of receipt of my order. I checked the delivery confirmation and discovered that item had been delivery two days after I sent the package. They had received it exactly two weeks ago.

I contacted the company and said: "I shipped you my return on July 3rd. According to my delivery confirmation (insert delivery confo number here) you received my item on July 05, 2012, 10:24 am at your VA, USA location. However, I have not received an e-mail to confirm that the item has been received. As it has been two weeks since you received my item, I would like confirmation that my order has been received and to know the current status of my refund. Thank you for your understanding."

The company replied: "Unfortunately, we still have no record of having received your return. We'd therefore suggest that you make a claim with the carrier you used to return the goods. If you need any further information from us in order to do this, we will of course be happy to help."

At this point I was panicking. I decided to follow their advice and contact the post office. However, since I had proof that they HAD received it I began to file a paypal claim as well in case things at the post office revealed only that figleaves did have my item. As I was filing the paypal claim I received another e-mail from figleaves stating: "Just to let you know that your returned parcel from order number XXXXXXXX has arrived safely back at [continue with canned response here]."

From this incident I would make the following comments:

A) I will not be ordering from them again without a delivery confirmation on my end no matter how this situation is resolved. Anyone who is being jerked around by them should file a paypal claim.

B)I would suggest to figleaves that they try the following approach when they are unsure where they put a package. "We don't see your package in our system, please give us 24 hours to check our warehouse for your item. If we cannot find it, WE will contact the postal service to find out who signed for the item since your confirmation number does show it was delivered here."

Oh, and apology for blaming me would go a long way.

C) I found it EXTREMELY rude that I should have to contact the post office when it was a mistake on their end. That is just plain irresponsible to ask your customer to do the leg work when there is obvious proof you received the item.

D)Until figleaves changes it's attitude and policy regarding shoving customers under the postal system bus for figleaves mistakes, I'll be staying away.

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