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Speak as you find, All good here.

I have used My Hermes on a few occasions and whilst the service isn't maybe as pinpoint as it would be with DPD or UPS, Neither is the price!

I've not had any problems yet and I've sent all sorts with them, another going tomorrow and I hope that goes well too.


Heroic service from this company! 10/10!

After being let down by parcel2go and p4d on many occassions and having the old, sorry its out of our hands excuse, most of the time the problems were with citylink but still its their responsibility.

So I started to look elsewhere for a company that would provide me with a reliable, trustworthy service and after doing a few searches came across ParcelHero, A fantastic company who I phoned to begin with to ask a few questions and they came up with the right answers then matched them with a fantastic service!

If you need a courier, Use Parcelhero and sleep well at night not having to worry that some clown is throwing your parcel around in the back of a city link van...if it even gets as far as the van!

Many thanks from www.EchoFurniture.co.uk

City Link

Sent many a parcel in the past, Gone downhill FAST!

Now then, City Link, A courier that Ive used for ages, Sent loads of parcels through them and never really had a problem but over the last 3 months the amount of complaints Ive heard have been unreal but not really experienced until now!

New driver in one of my main collection areas(Blackpool) too is an absolute idiot who refuses to take items and has no understanding of his job and on this occassion hasnt even been in to collect the item!

I will never use city link again, EVER!

On this occassion I had a bench seat out for delivery since the 17th on a guaranteed next day pre noon at a cost of nearly £30, Financially it wasnt worth it for me but I really wanted to keep my customer happy, They had waited long enough for the item as it was.

Today is the 20th, They still havent collected it and were less than useful in the way they didnt try helping at all, just the "oh well, Its christmas soon" attitude.

Due to this my customer has family coming around on Monday who have NOWHERE TO SIT! This is completely unacceptable, I paid through the nose to have a satisfied customer and to be able to sleep at night!

I used to love the efficiency of city link but they have fast become a completely disgusting company to deal with, I wouldnt send a pencil through them if I needed it in a month!

One of my main companies that I deal with send thousands of parcels through DPD and they only have a failure rate of something like 0.030%, Needless to say Ill be opening an account with them in the new year!


Halloween has just been.... This company is horrifying!

Absolutely terrible! but you all know this already!
I could go on to tell you all how but it would be echoing the sentiments of others.

Joel Guy

The best service and finish I have ever seen from a Plumbing company!

Ill start this by saying that I spent a lot of time in the company of the Owner in my teenage years, however that didnt mean that I instantly opted to have him and his team plumb my home, there are a lot of good plumbers in my area but I know how fussy Joel is, He has always done everything in the best way possible and that really shows in his work.

Joel and his team turn up on time, Every time.

The level of cleanliness they keep whilst working in your home is fantastic, I had just laid a solid oak floor and new fixtures and fittings all over my home and naturally was a bit worried but I didnt need to have worried at all, You couldnt tell they had been after finishing the job, not a mark on anything.

The level of finish they achieve too is perfect, Every single bend and length scrutinised before finally fitting, Every clip measured out, every joint checked.

I found them to be extremely hard working too for a crew that were being paid by the hour, Tea was drank whilst continuing with work, They can multi task well!

Put quite simply, If you need a heating engineer, Get these guys in, you will not be disappointed in any way. 100% faith in them and their service.

Thank you guys.


Fast gear for fast bikes with FAST service!

Ordered a pair of boots and some fluids for my bike off these guys, They were super helpful on the phone! Ordered online and the stuff was with me in 2 days! Top Job, I would recommend this company to anyone, Long live TNT... and my KTM! :)

Just an update, Once again TNT have come through strong. Fantastic service from them and very swift delivery. Pricing very much on the ball as well. 10/10

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