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Don't purchase from this company.... EVER!!!!!

In the beginning of the order, I thought the company was pretty decent. The pictures were great. Somehow I knew that I shouldn't order my wedding gown with them. THANK GOD!!!! I instead ordered my sister's gown and my second wedding dress with them. The order went through as planned. They even gave me back twenty dollars after I had told them that I had placed another order and both came up to two hundred dollars (they were running a special $20 off $200). Everything was going smoothly until they lost one of the orders. Well, I was angry because my wedding was about two weeks away. They, however, assured me that I would get it in time. I began checking on the rest of my orders, starting with my second dress, which they did not advise me had been shipped. Instead, they advised me when it was about to be abandoned by UPS, I caught UPS, thankfully, in the knick of time. But to my dismay, instead of receiving both dresses it was only one, which meant that I had to go through the same anxiety process of having to wait on the other, and it's not like I could call them and talk to someone, no, you have to go through email! What kind of customer service is that? Well, I asked them to give me a status of my order. Imagine having to ask a company to update you on the status of your order when they should be giving you that information the minute they send your things out. At least every other company does it! Well, to my shock and horror, I found out that my last package WAS ABANDONED!!!! Everyone out there, a word to the wise is sufficient. Don't be cheap. Spend your money at trusted places where you have done business with before. If you find a place that is not familiar to you, don't trust it!

P.S. Don't expect any fancy packaging either. They pretty much wrap your dress up and put it in a paper bag. Also, make sure you have a second seamstress handy as well. Chances are you will have to do some serious altering.

23 July 2012

Reply from http://www.vponsale.com

Dear Tammy,
This is from Vponsale.com.
I'm sorry to hear of the inconvenience you have experienced while shopping with us. I regret that we cannot provide you with the dress that you wanted in time for the wedding. Could you tell us your Email address and your order number? Then we can know about the details and contact you immediately. We care about every customer's satisfaction, we will help to solve problems, make amends for unsatisfactory if we cause.
Your understanding is appreciated.
Best wishes

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