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Way ahead of all it's pseudo rivals

An absolutely excellent site to advertise on, and very reasonable advertising rates too. The only thing that is quite obvious is that Companies and Services on Netmums are Reviewing themselves. To find a genuinely recommended Company or Service on Netmums click onto the Reviewers' Names - if they have other Netmums activity then chances are they are genuine. If they have joined Netmums to just make one review then be suspicious.

But for any business that is child or parent orientated then I think this is the best thing since the demise of the Yellow Pages paper directories in the early 00's.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail - The Post Office

I am reviewing The Post Office here today. Never had any complaints with letter deliveries nor parcel deliveries before. But setting foot in Wythenshawe Post Office, Manchester and having committed the apparent MORTAL SIN of putting a couple of staples in a bubblewrap envelope I certainly would never ever go in there again!

So this is for the assistant manager at Wythenshawe Post Office:

"Hail Mary full of Grace . . . Amen" I've said it ten times along with 5 Our Fathers and hope my soul has now been cleansed!! :)

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Tyres On The Drive.com

This is so much better!

Better than what? Better than paying an extra £20 for tyres at my usual place, better than spending on petrol travelling to my usual place, better than hanging around a dismal waiting room or sitting on a wall waiting at my usual place.

Love the power tools - especially the pneumatic jack. Lee Anderton first class service.

See yall again :)


Absolutely horrendous website!!

A place where the malicious can do serious damage to people's businesses without either proving who they are, what their motive is etc. The sooner this is cleared off the world wide web and people start honestly using reputable sites like Trustpilot the better.

pissedconsumer.com is on a par with some seedy sex sites, or other such highly obnoxious internet experiences.


From what I've seen to date - absolutely fine

I first noticed Trustpilot after being asked to thumbs up a service from someone by e-mail. I like this sort of site as it gives businesses chance to reply - unlike some sites. I have been a Review Centre Reviewer for many years, and like this too. (I'm not expecting Trustpilot to edit that last sentence out).

The problem with internet Reviews are twofold - malicious on the one hand and of course, user manipulated on the other. The appalling site pi**ed consumer dot com is an example of malicious garbage on the web and needs taking down! Perhaps Trustpilot may act against these people in the course of time (?) Yes, as long as Trustpilot remains fair and alert to both consumers and businesses then 5 Stars by me.

Normans Musical Instruments

Always happy with Normans

Just looking at Normans Website and noticed they are on Trustpilot. Not bought anything for a while, but always been very happy. We bought a child's clarinet when our kids were at school, and 2012 I bought a Yamaha P95 Stage Piano. Of course it must be easy to sell Yamaha products, as they are so reliable and well made :) but this does not mean a supplier necessarily is good. Yep, 5 Stars.

Enterpriserenta Car

Have used twice - no complaints

CHEADLE SK8 3UA (pasted from their site).

Hired vans in 2011 and 2013. 2011 received a very large Ford Transit Van that was a pleasure to drive. 1 day journey to centre of Gloucester City and back. 2013 a Renault Trafic (Vivaro) van. 1 day journey Abergele, Wales and back. Both vans were loaded to capacity by us.

I don't expect vans to be valeted and spotless like I would a car, but they were both certainly clean and highly useable. Decent prices and polite service both times.

CO Operativebank

Lack of Communication and Consultation

I have had a Co-op Bank Credit Card now for many years. Back in the old days they were throwing cheque books at me, and giving an unnecessarily high credit limit. I reduced my limit voluntarily to £2,500.

This week I have a payment and security deposit on an Enterprise Hire Van declined. Guess why? Because the Co-op reduced my credit to £500. No postal communication was received. (How is it letters from other banks seem to arrive ok but not the Co-op? It leads me to believe they were never sent in the first place).

I am 64 years old, a property owner, with above national average savings. So as far as I'm concerned my credit worthiness is rock solid. Or is it ageism you are now applying Co-op? I wonder.

I understand the Co-op has quite frankly ended up in the creek. They are going to make thousands redundant. I also personally believe they are restricting access to the extremely low rates they were offering me on this card compared to modern day rates, and this may have happened to many, many others too.

Whatever the case I do most strongly object to submitting a card to a van hire company and having it declined and having to use my daily shopping Lloyds card instead!! My credit limit was £2,500. I didn't even have £500 used out of this, AND to top it all I pay regular amounts throughout the month by Lloyds fast payment into the Co-op to keep my bills down.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 19: and here we are, coming up to a month later and no reply from Co-operative Banking. Need I say any more?


Easyspace resolved issues politely and expediently

My 7th year with Easyspace. I thought I'd hit a major problem with this service. Thank you Easyspace for a satisfactory conclusion.


Nice, simple idea that works

Paid £14.95 for a Mobile Device web page. Dead easy to set up and so many ways you can utilise this. I checked the price of the .tel address I wanted with a normal hosting company - it was £12 for a year. These guys have given me hosting for an extra £3. Wish them every success. I'm pleased anyway.

UPDATE: September 2013. I won't be renewing my subscription however as mine was a special offer and the price has substantially increased ;) Also hosting companies like One.com have free mobile optimisation within their web building templates in any case.

UK Pianos

Dedicated, informative and non biased towards selling a product.

I've been on this site before but lost my password etc. Recently did another instrument review. Always pleased to add my experiences of working as a pianist since being a 14 year old in the 1960s.

Edited November 2013 for personal online security. Not concerning UK Pianos :)


Simply the best Hosting Company I have used

I have been making websites for 12 years now and have tried all sorts of deals from US and UK Companies. I have two sites live with One.com and both perform like clockwork. I love the online web design programme, but I don't use One.com templates, I start from scratch and design my own still using their Webcreator Programme. I don't use Cloud or e-mail - but what I do use is very, very satisfactory indeed. Have only used Live Support once and found the One.com employee both patient and knowledgeable.

Thanks - Tony.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2013: Still think one.com is the best provider on the planet! not too thrilled with the new templates and the old system no longer being an option, - so I just use a Serif programme instead. One.com is an entirely different world to some I've tried - believe me!
UPDATED NOVEMBER 2013: Reason = personal privacy online not concerning one.com

23 September 2013

Reply from One.com

Hi Tony,

thank you very much for taking the time to rate us here on Trustpilot. It's good to hear that you are satisfied with our product. If you are changing your mind about Cloud Drive, you can find a lot of guides about it here: http://www.one.com/en/support/guides-faq It's a really handy tool to store, secure and share files. If you need help with setting it up or if you have other questions, don't hesitate to use our chat support again, www.one.com/chat, or write us an e-mail to service@one.com.

Juli | One.com

Hi Tony,

Thank you for updating your review!
We are very glad to hear that you are still happy with our product.
We introduced several new tools, e.g. Web Editor and Web File Manager. However, it is still possible as an existing customer to use the old software Webcreator and the File Manager. You can access these tools by scrolling to the bottom of the control panel and clicking the links to the Webcreator and the File Manager.
We are also continuing to add new templates to the new software, so there will be more options to choose from with time.

Please feel free to contact me on service@one.com, if you have any questions regarding this.

Melissa | One.com

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