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Terence Paul Online

No Complaints

Product arrived quickly and well packaged.



I am totally addicted to this app!

It is perfect for getting a quick snapshot of the daily traffic on your site without having to delve into Google analytics.


Makes the mundane process of creating newsletters quite fun!

Mailchimp is simple, really powerful and super simple to use.

Creating newsletters used to be something I dreaded. Since using Mailchimp I really don't mind it.

Best of all they have a free account which is perfect fot most small businesses.


Online shopping rocks!

I have ordered a few things from Zara online and I am always amazed by how fast it arrives.

They give you a time slot as well so you don't have to wait around the house all day.

Returns are easy as well as you can just drop them in at your local Zara shop.


No Complaints

We use a number of Couriers including FedEx. Out of all of them FedEx is our favourite.

The drivers are friendly and they always pick the parcels up when they say they will. To top it off the delivery speed is fast. 1 day to get from the UK to the US!

The Chesterfield Company

Please avoid this company!

This is quite simply the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

After 5 months and 3 failed delivery attempts they then tried to charge us £215 delivery charges. The chain of events went like this:

- 23rd May 2012 - Ordered sofa

- 2nd July 2012 - Sofa was delivered and placed in our living room. We then noticed a huge scuff on the corner of the sofa. We contacted the Chesterfield Company and about a week later they picked it up to take it back to repair the damaged panels.

- 5th September 2012 - Sofa arrives for the second time. However, the delivery driver informs us there is a huge scrape on the side of it as it wasn't loaded on to the truck correctly. The sofa isn't even unloaded from the truck and is returned again.

28th September 2012 - Sofa arrives for the third time. One driver doesn't even get out of the truck and the other comes and requests that we sign a waiver to say if they damage it on the way we will take responsibility (why should be sign a waiver to mitigate their negligence?!). So given their track record we refused and contacted the Chesterfield Company who said that didn't sign the waiver we would need to pay £215 delivery charges. Their reason was that "it doesn't fit in our house". When I mentioned that the sofa was previously sitting in our living room for a week the reason then changed to that the "sofa doesn't fit without getting damaged". This is also strange as we live in an old Georgian style building with vaulted ceilings, wide doors and no tight corners. We thought about signing the waiver as the delivery driver said there was only a 1% chance of them damaging it. We went to look at the sofa in the truck before signing it and surprise surprise it was damaged again. It now had scuffs on the arm. When we pointed this out to the Chesterfield company they said "The scuffs are inherent to the leather". This is also strange as the arm was never previously damaged so shouldn't have been repaired and the scuffs were not there the previous times they tried to deliver the sofa.

We checked our access before and after the failed delivery and this served as proof that there should not have been a problem getting the sofa into our house. This is something none of the delivery drivers thought of doing. We mentioned this to the Chesterfield Company but they were not interested.

In the end we refused the delivery as it was damaged (not that they were going to deliver it without us signing a waiver anyway!) and returned a third time. The Chesterfield company refunded us for the sofa minus £215 for their third failed delivery.

We went to trading standards who after hearing the chain of events and seeing pictures of all 3 damaged sofas were "Shocked" by the companies actions and requested they refunded us the money. They refused. We then contacted our bank and explained the situation. They asked us to send in a letter explaining everything that had happened along with photos. We did this and the money was immediately refunded to us.

To top it all off we have now had another even larger sofa ordered and delivered from another English based company. Within 15 minutes of arriving the drivers had the sofa sitting in our living room without one bit of damage. They thought it was funny that the other company seemed incapable of getting a slightly smaller sofa into our house and concluded "if they couldn't fit a sofa in to our house they wouldn't be able to fit one anywhere."

This goes to prove that the Chesterfield company were willing to try and come up with reason to make us pay for their continual failings.

During the whole 5 month ordeal when we contacted the Chesterfield Company we were always put through to one particular customer service representative. She was rude, unhelpful, ignored most emails you send and didn't return phone calls. After waiting months and only receiving damaged sofas we thought they would have went out of their way to help but instead they just started to ignore us.

There are plenty of reliable sofa companies out there so if you value your time and money I would suggest that you don't get mixed up with the Chesterfield Company.

If you are being treated unfairly by the company I would advise that you also contact Trading Standards and your bank in order to get the situation resolved.

Email from Trading Standards to notify me that after they contacted the Chesterfield Company and requested that they refund me they still refused:

Letter from the bank confirming that they had refunded the money back to my account:

One of the many damaged areas of the sofa:

27 November 2012

Reply from The Chesterfield Company

We are disappointed with the length of time this issue took to resolve. We accepted the item was delivered damaged and we returned this to the factory for repair. Unfortunately on the second delivery the item was damaged during transit which was pointed out by our delivery team. All deliveries are carried out by an experienced, professional, 2 man delivery team and 99% of deliveries go ahead without fault or complaint. On return to the customer the new delivery team noted the tight access which was likely to cause damage to the furniture and / or property and therefore asked for a waiver to be signed, a request which was rejected by the customer. In hindsight it is reasonable to assume an overzealous delivery team attempting to deliver with too small access could of caused the original damage. We would ask that all customers check their dimensions thoroughly before ordering. This particular piece was a large 4str Astoria which has oversize rounded arms making this one of the more challenging pieces from a delivery point of view. Bolt On Arms are available on several models, such as this one, if customers are concerned about access.
We are sorry that this could not be resolved to the customers satisfaction and we refunded the order minus the transport charges in line with our terms and conditions and have recieved no complaints regarding our actions from either the card company or trading standards.


International Transfers Made Easy

I use HiFX to transfer money to our suppliers to buy stock. The whole process is really straight forward especially now that I have my suppliers bank details saved in there.

I always save a fair bit of money compared to using my bank for the transfers which charges me £25 compared to £9 with HiFX. The rates are always better as well so I make additional savings there as well.

I'm not 100% sure but the money always seems to arrive quicker as well.

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