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Terrible, Rude Customer Service

I bought an Alienware M11X from this bunch, I was initially very satisfied. After a couple of months the hinges snapped. This is a known fault with this model, and Dell has been repairing them free of charge regardless of warranty status.

I emailed NDC with the problem, and sent them photo's. They told me that I wasn't covered because I must have abused it! This despite hundreds of other machines having identical problems, which has been fully acknowleged by Dell.
If I could, I would go directly to Dell, but NDC deliberately delete the service tags to prevent you from doing this.
They then had the audacity to quote me an extortionate price for repairs.

I treated this machine like a newborn and was furious with the implication that I had abused it. They are in clear violation of the Sale of Goods act, but I don't have time to pursue it in court at moment. I am taking legal advice however.

It seems like their business model is to sell the items cheap, but then to hold the customer to ransom if they have any problems. Needless to say, I won't be dealing with them again and advise everyone to stay clear!

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