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Awful company how do they keep going?

I recently tried to order myself a Nikon D5100 from Jessops to take advantage of there 0% finance. Right from the start I had problems, the camera was show in stock for home delivery on Jessops website so I chose this option, I did all the finance paper work online everything went though fine and the order was placed. Later that day I get a email saying my order has gone out of stock and would be delivered within 10 day rather that the next as advertised. At first the extra delivery didn’t bother me I had plenty of time before I wanted to use the camera but them popped into one of Jessops stores a few days later and asked if they could confirm a delivery date which they couldn’t but they were helpful enough to say they had had the camera in stock on the day that I order it but this hadn’t been shown on their website. I contacted them a few time each time to the greeted by a idiot that clearly didn’t know what they were doing, eventually without updating the tracking or emailing me and attempt was made to deliver the camera but as I didn’t know it was coming no one was available to accept the ordered, for some reason rather than leaving it with a neighbour or post office it was returned to jessops. I phoned Jessops to get it redelivered but they then claimed there was a problem with the address so couldn’t deliver. After several more phone calls (which aren’t free and they keep you waiting for ages and don’t phone back when they say they will) I went in to there store again to be informed that there again wasn’t any D5100’s in stock so mine must have been sent to another customer after it was returned and I’d have to wait up to another month for delivery. I then decided to cancel to order as by this point I was fed up with them so I asked the guy in the shop but he wasn’t able to do it so I phone Jessops again to be told ‘the systems down at the moment we’ll give you a call back when its working’ needless to say that call never came so I emailed Jessops and the finance company saying I want to cancel everything as they are unable to fofill my order, again I have heard nothing back from them so I guess I’ll have to phone again and just keep an eye on my bank to make sure they don’t try and take any money.

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