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Made me feel like a Criminal!

Tried to order an ipad 2 for the company I work for. The is fairly local to us so I felt like I was supporting local commerce!

Bad Idea!

Due to the fact that I was using a company card I was subjected to a series of over the top security questioning and put on hold god knows how many times before they said I had to speak to the issuing bank. Some hours later after several more phone calls, the Fraud department contacting us and speaking to my MD, they would still not authorise the order. The reason: 'The screen has gone a funny colour - it won't go through'. Very professional.

Can't believe in the current economic climate when so many people are crying out for jobs, why a company hires such fools to run the customer service department.

Thankfully I managed to cancel the order.

I can understand companies have to be careful about fraud, but took it a little too far!

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