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Waste of time, money, vans and diesel.

After hearing a parcel I ordered from Virgin Media would be delivered by Yodel I was concerned, given that their reputation for ineptitude preceded them. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed!

Virgin passed my package onto Yodel in the early hours of Monday morning, before 6am, and yet they failed to load it onto a van, I can only presume it was being used as a doorstop somewhere. After a phone call to Virgin I was informed it would definitely be loaded on Tuesday and delivered sometime between 7am and 9pm (quite why they are unable to operate a [Link]-like system of giving people an hour slot I don't know).

Tuesday came and went and I honestly wasn't surprised when it never turned up, even after another call to Virgin who themselves called Yodel and were told it was on a van and would definitely be delivered that day.

When Wednesday rolled around I was amazed to find that my parcel was actually delivered, two days late and a resounding lie from Yodel later.

Couldn't be better!

Everything is excellently priced and with so many offers it gets even better. Free next day delivery on orders over £100 meant I got my protein in less than 24 hours too.

Can't fault their service in any way.

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