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The Society for All Artists

if you like art this is the place to be

I get everything I need from SAA . Fast service,good products.Lets me paint and draw to my hearts content for a fraction of the cost.I also find it very informative which encourages me to try new mediums and styles

Pet Supermarket

eight and a half thousand pounds went missing from my bank account and nobody cared

As I was having to place a large order of dog beds for our busy summer season (we are a busy boarding kennels and cattery), I thought it best to double check the order was present over the phone. I did so, and the saleswoman attempted to take payment over the phone. She said the payment was not accepted, and I panicked because I knew there was plenty of money in the business account. I said I would check with the bank.
I phoned the bank and they said 8 payments of approx £850 (the amount of my order) had been "reserved", and I needed to contact the shop immediately to make sure they had not gone through. I do not mind at all that this was either a technical fault or human error - these things happen all the time. What I could not believe was that nobody from your company was remotely interested in the fact that I was short of so much money. The fraud people and major business people from my bank rang up as they were so concerned and were telling me to make sure your company sorted it out, but I was fobbed off for about half a day - not at all good for one's nerves!!
Anyway, after several hours I rang again and a salesman attempted to take payment again. He said it was not accepted, and in the end I paid with my personal card. However, the fraud people phoned again to say there were now 10 payments of approx. £850 missing from my bank account. I was given authorisation numbers so I could again contact yourselves. However, still nobody cared. Eventually my bank advised just to wait a few days to see if the money went back in.
It took 5 working days for the money to go back in. For 7 days, as the time fell over a weekend as well, I was unsure as to what had happened to the £8500.
If it had been one of our customers with the problem, I would have been horrified at the situation, and phoned the card machine people up to sort out the problem ASAP. I would then have informed the customer ASAp what had happened. This is what we are told to do being a business which takes cards. It is standard practice. I was not informed what had happened, and had to rely on the fact that my bank would seize the money back if it disappeared.
Perhaps you could train some of your operatives in the art of customer service, as it was obvious they were too concerned with getting on with the next call. They should also learn that people do not appreciate being talked down to, especially by salespeople who are not following correct codes of practice. I bet they would show a different level of concern if £8500 went missing from their bank account.
Other than that the delivery man was excellent and waited whilst we opened every package as we had lost all faith in your company.
Pippa Morrison.

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