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ive been in a constant battle now for months and months i'm paying £50 every 2 weeks for electricity which is the max i can afford and they agreed after hours and hours on the phone.but npower been as greedy robbing thieving money hungry locusts they are they want £93.00 every 2 bill is nearly £800 in which i know my bill is way too excessive everybody ive spoke to including someone at npower says this is wrong but are they interested in sorting it NO NO they are only interested in robbing people blind they make me sick.i'm disabled and they have had me going up and down a step ladder in the early hours in the morning taking readings because of economy 7 these idiots have made me ill and now its come to me and my neighbour as got no alternative but to move out.if i went out and did the same as them i would get locked up for robbery.they have now passed it on to a debt collection company so i have told them to take me to court
i wish i could rate these morons -star ratings because the are not worth the 1 .

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Totally Wicked ELiquid


i purchase most of the time from their first distibutor in scarborough called a touch of glass but i have ordered direct a few times and i havent had a single problem so far.
me and the missus have now been vaping for 1 year 2 weeks and i went from smoking 40 a day to not even wanting an expensive stick after the first 3 days my taste buds started to wake up and i feel like ive got more energy now
i was even shocked myself being a smoker for nearly 20 years and trying all the stuff from the doctors that didnt do anything.
totally wicked save me a fortune



reading a lot of these reviews is very scary but there is something people should consider before getting their knickers in a twist and that is for everytime the delivery goes right not half as many people will leave good feedback and when something goes wrong all will leave negative feedback.if people knew what the courier's job is like i think they would be more understanding i used to go with my friend just to keep him company years ago not for this company but for a much smaller 1 and believe me its not as easy as you think.we used to be at the depot to collect all our parcels at 2am and sometimes didnt get home till 11pm and when there is a time shedule to stick to it gets very very for DPD ive had numerous dealings and ive never had 1 single problem so its a 5 star rating from me again.well done and keep up the good work.
p.s i ordered 2 tablets from amazon late sunday afternoon and DPD was at my door at 11.10am the following morning i dont think i could have got it much quicker if i went for it myself

04 September 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the review! I can't imagine parcel delivery is an easy job either, we sometimes do days where office workers like me go out for the day with the drivers assisting them with their deliveries to show them what it is like, I've not been on one yet so I'm quite interested to experience it! Anyway, if you ever have questions about a delivery, please feel free to email us at, or contact our Twitter or Facebook pages, and we will be happy to assist :)

Cheers, Richard.

Mazuma Mobile

simply the BEST

if only everything in life was as good as mazuma ive recycled a few phones in the past with mazuma and all was excellent i wouldnt recycle anywhere else because i know mazuma cant be beat.a first class service from start to finish completely worry free and easy to do.i recommend to all if you have tried the rest now go to the BEST

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some say i can wheelspin a wheelbarrow ,some say i could get caught speeding on a mobility scooter
all i know is i'm THE STIG!!!!!!!!!!