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Great gear, but very pricey!

I'm not a fanboy, but I have an iphone and a macbook pro for work and I can't fault the quality and functionality of the machines. When I got them they were certainly in a league of their own. I think the same is still true of the macbook, but with hints of new jacks (so my bose sounddock no longer works with my iphone) I think I might we be looking at samsung next time. Why? I guess purely the price.

Apple gear is great, but an arm and leg is barely even a downpayment (plus they screw UK consumers over big time versus the US - do they deserve our loyalty?). If it was cheaper I might be happy to replace it all, but not at current/accessory prices.


Never had a problem!

I've been with O2 for years now (at least 6) and I can't say that I have ever had a problem. I've always paid a reasonable amount, got a reasonable phone, had great reception (I know this depends on where you live) and whenever I've ever called them they have been quick to answer and very good at answering my question without passing me around some call centre.

Ok, I do have one gripe - There contacts seem to be getting longer and longer. I'm sure at some point they'll give me a contract for life, but all the others do to so I can't moan too much.

Overall (in my opinion) the best UK mobile phone company.


Well run and decent pubs

Ok, JD is mainly about cheap drink and they do that really well, but they also have a reasonable menu. OK they've removed some of the things I love (The Western Platter is famous in my family), but overall, and for the price, the food is pretty amazing.

I think you have to pick the pub you go to well. During the afternoon some of the pub seem to get more than their fair share of Giro money and some off the pubs (like many do I guess) smell of stale beer, but overall top notch and great value for money!


The best for takeaway pizza

I don't go to Domino's as often as I would like, but when I do go I love it! The Texan BBQ is just a league apart from any other pizza out there.

I used to get the pizza's delivered, then one day I actually stopped in the shop and was amazed to see, well, everything. Over the counter you can see them making all the pizza's from fresh! This is what I think makes them the winning pizza's they are!

Keep up the great work Domino's!



I'm new to this game, but I love the idea that businesses can get feedback in an open environment to help them improve what they do for customers. Negative points? Maybe a little too ADDICTIVE. I just there with the Banzi screen up and I can churn out reviews soo quickly - I'm worried I'll run out of businesses I have a strong opinion about soon!


I wish they were better

I like Thorntons and I used to think of them as really tasty and posh - unfortunately they're not.

We got a box of Thorntons and a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates from different suppliers last Christmas and decided (given their weren't enough for us to take them home) that we would do a Pepsi challenge style tasting. Hotel Chocolat (ok, I know they are more expensive) won for about 12 out of 15 people (including me)!

I used to give the odd box of Thornton's for Birthday's or Easter, but I've since given up on that. It just doesn't feel right any more.


Brilliant Idea

If and when I get time to use this website I am always happy with the results (normally for my mammoth Christmas shop). You enter what you want to buy and it tells you the cheapest place to get the stuff and then enable you to flip your basket directly across so you can pay and arrange delivery - you can even split the baskets across different supermarkets if it makes sense (including delivery).

I can't fault what they do I just wish I was more organised and used it more often!


Best for Magazines

I can easily send an hour or two investigating the magazine racks in WHSmith. They always seem to have a new magazine about something that I didn't know even existed. Obviously if you find something you love then you're better of subscribing as you'll save a fortune, but for ad-hoc purchases and new ideas WHSmith can't be beat!

My favourite for UK Hotels

I've been using LateRooms for over 5 years now. When I started there was a marked difference between the prices you could get on LateRooms versus the other travel websites. That gap is no longer as pronounced, but it still exists. In terms of the website it is simple to use and packed with good ideas.

One thing that they could improve (for me) in making a generic great deals section - rather than searching by region - Depending on the deal I might travel to the end of the earth!

Overall a straightforward and cheap way to get good UK Hotels.


Great products with no effort

I always use a comparison website when I switch financial products (because there is no-way I'm going to do the research myself) and of them all compareandsave is my current favourite. It's well laid-out and has a clean and modern feel. It also feels like there's less advertising than other websites who seem to think bombarding us with ever more adverts is the way to get us to buy insurance or transfer balances on creditcards.


Marmite of Social Networks

You either "get" Twitter or you don't and it looks to me that most of the people reviewing it here "do not get it"! Twitter is not a standard "have a good birthday" or "look at this funny picture of me" social network.

Twitter is a stream of consciousness. A window in time onto the views of the world. It's a great place to read some very witty remarks - I sometime laugh out loud at my desk reading the answers to some trending topics. It's also a great place to get update on the news quickly. It's not all perfect, but if you can sort the wheat from the chaff you can get little gems very early!

If you "get it" then Twitter is just the best!

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National Lottery

Better giving your money to charity

Given that you have more chance of being hit by lightening than winning, and Camelot take a big slice of the money, I think people would be better off giving their money directly to charity. At least then you could ensure the money goes to something good, rather than Lottery branded charity advertising.

The lottery is just a showcase of British peoples poor grasp of statistics!

The Book People

A few bargains if you get the right things

I haven't used these guys since I switched jobs about 2 years ago, but I used to get a few bits from them here and there - especially when I'd forgot to buy presents for Brithday's that were around the corner. The books are a bit of a jumble, but there are often some good one's and the prices are often pretty good too.


Solid gear

I've bought a couple of suits here over the years and although they are never going to be "power" suits, they are perfectly serviceable and the cut is very comfortable. I tend to use them more for day to day work than if I were meeting an important client, but for what they are they are very good.


Maybe pointless?

Don't get me wrong on this. I think that Cashback is great, I just don't understand the point. Surely a more efficient way of getting cashback to us would be for shops etc to make things cheaper in the first place?


Cheap rooms

Travelodge is cheap and for that (assuming I book early) I can't fault them. They aren't the nicest hotel, they aren't the biggest, they aren't in the best locations, but they are very cheap. To my mind they are the work horses of the UK hotel industry. Not the sort of place you'd take a girlfriend for a fancy weekend, but better than slumming it when you're away on work.


Very good on it's day

I've rated Debenham average which might be unfair, but I find that some days (months) I can go in there and even if I wanted to spend money (on clothes mostly), I couldn't.

Other times I go in there and walk out with bags of stuff - but it's very hit and miss and given how good I know they can be, it's very frustrating when they aren't.

Use it all the time

I'm always using the trains and thetrainline is what makes that tick. Whether it's a to book tickets, or just to check time before I have a lengthy wait in a station I use thetrainline almost daily and I couldn't function without it.


Love Facebook, but the mobile app is getting slower

I couldn't live without Facebook now. It's part of my daily life and the way my mates and I communicate, however I've noticed recently that the mobile app is getting slower with is frustrating. It's still leagues above everything else and they seem like a far nicer company than power hungry Google, but they could improve it.


You name it, they have it!

I remember when amazon sold books! Back in the dark ages of the internet they were a beacon of what the future might hold. Since then they have continued to remain out in front. I've never had a bad word about them and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've found something cheaper elsewhere.


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Best for Footy & Sports News

If you're into Sports then Sky is a must. They have the best rights, the best sports Journo's and the best presenters...what's not to like?


They take a big cut :(

Ticketmaster take a big cut for the tickets that they sell. Why it takes about 10% of the value of the ticket to sell it I don't know. I honestly think that they should be forced to show what actually makes up the "service charge". For me a ticket is a ticket and then adding on additional fees is as bad as the Airlines hiding a load of extra costs.

All that said I still use Ticketmaster. They are the biggest and most convenient way to get tickets.

Good, but could do much better!


Traffic light surprise

Last night I watched a Sky+'d "The men know made us fat" and I was shocked at how difficult Tesco were in terms of getting a traffic light system onto UK food (to allow UK customer to make informed choices about what they are buying).

Given the power they have within the industry they ought to be taking a lead and fighting to protect their customers health! It's interesting that the likes of Sainsbury's (who did introduce traffic lights) are now winning back share. Come on Tesco - raise your game!


I don't want to like Sports Direct, but...

...I honestly can't fault them. I could imagine Mike Ashley and I would not get on, but every time I order something from them the prices are fantastic (normally the reason I have ordered something) and the delivery is very very speedy. I have enough sports direct mugs in my cupboard as to feel like I'm living in the World of the Giants - so they must be doing something right!


Love the shop, but...

GAME used to be my refuge when shopping with my girlfriend - In fact she used to call it the crèche - but i can't see how it can survive in the modern world against the onslaught of Amazon etc. The staff are great, the products as good as anywhere, but highstreets/shopping centres are very expensive!

Travel Republic

Very good

I've used TR about 3 times now after ditching TravelSupermarket and Expedia and the service has been great - I can't fault them for getting the lowest prices - Very happy!


A lot of over selling!

The concept is sound, but sellers are getting slicker and slicker at positioning things so the write up are more favourable than justifed - yes there's feedback, but they aren't exactly lying - they are just very smart!

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