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Never again

I'd had good service from Specsavers in Edgware Road, London so expected the same after I moved from Bristol Broadmead. What a disappointment.

The eye test went OK but customer service was chaotic when I went to order the specs. Worse though was that when I went to pick my them about six (real) days before I was due to go on holiday the second pair (of sunglasses) hadn't turned, up for reasons no-one could explain and I was casually told that they would be delivered the day after I was due to leave. When I asked them to speed this up I was given a vague assurance that it would but it wasn't. No-one called me before I left and it was obvious that I'd been completely forgotten.

Calling on Skype from China a few days later I was told that the second pair had been delivered but could be given no explanation for not being contacted about it.

Finally arriving home my emails and phone calls were initially ignored. Bad management and sloppy service. I paid a fortune for two pairs of glasses, one of which I never got. Never again.


Dreadful system and dreadful service

Have just changed my bank account and noticed in my latest Virgin bill that I was being charged £5 for not paying by direct debit. I assumed there'd been an error in setting up the new one, but when I called was told it had been but it wouldn't be possible to collect from it until September. So I'd have not only the inconvenience of paying some other way in August, but was being charged £5 for the privilege.
When I tried to point out to customer services that this was unfair, particularly because customers weren't even being warned of this, they couldn't or wouldn't understand. Just kept repeating patronisingly that they had 10m customers (so what) and that was the system. Dreadful system and dreadful service.

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