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Network Webcams

Another good deal from Network Webcams

I got the item I wanted at the best price online. Network Webcams do not always have the lowest advertised prices. But they will always try to price-match and their expertise, efficiency, prompt delivery times and after-sales technical support are second to none. This is why I've purchased so much stuff from them over the years and am minded to do so again the next time I need something in the IP camera line. I can highly recommend this company.


Good for most IT stuff...

I have two PoGo printers - black ones, purchased from Misco online in September 2009 for £20 each. The printers work well with Sony Ericsson K800i/K750i mobile phones and modern Canon and Panasonic digital cameras via Bluetooth/USB, as appropriate for each device. PoGo's print quality is very acceptable, though obviously not as good as prints from an inkjet printer. Then again, with PoGo you don't have to worry about replacing cartridges. And PoGo is very portable.

However, the special PoGo ZINK paper is hard to find. It's unlikely you'll see it on the High Street. As I did, you'll probably have to buy online. Also - paper pricing is very variable. Shop around for the best deals. The cheapest price per print I've achieved is around 18p. In addition, the paper is not good at sticking to some hard surfaces. It tends to peel after a while - especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is prevalent or there are extremes of temperature. So, if you're the sort of person who likes putting stickers all over the place (me) you might be disappointed with the 'gripability' of these ones.

Yet, PoGo is generally a cool product. I would have awarded it five stars if the prints stuck better and the paper was more widely available. Hopefully both these situations will resolve. I should further add that, in my view, since it seems that Polaroid will make most profit from paper sales, the price you pay for PoGo itself has to reflect this. Perhaps if you think of POGO/ZINK in the same terms as RAZORS/BLADES & PRINTERS/CARTRIDGES you'll be a contented customer. Otherwise... Recommended!

Projector Planet

(Not so) On the button...

I had a projector from this company earlier in the year. It was exactly what I wanted at the best price on the net and it arrived next day as promised with no delivery charge. The same holds true for my latest projector. I found a cheaper price on the Net. But Projector Planet was quick to match it. So naturally I bought from them again and was just as delighted as first time. I must add that my second projector was not a replacement for the first - rather an addition to it, for another room in the house. I would certainly buy from Projector Planet again and urge you to check them out last before parting with your hard-earned cash. What more's to be said?

UPDATE 11th September 2010.

Oh dear. Seems I spoke too soon. Ordered a projector screen from this company. The price was good and the screen arrived on time as promised. But it had a big bash on the front of the casing. I called the firm and was given two options:

1. Pay for another screen and get a new one sent out straight away. Then when the faulty screen arrived back with them they would issue a refund (that their bank would probably take ten days to process).

2. Wait for the faulty screen to be collected and returned after which I would get a new screen. They couldn't tell me whether the courier would call to collect the faulty screen the next day or on the following Monday and I couldn't wait in for two whole days.

As a result I decided to live with the fault and just make sure I would not buy another product from this company again. How true it is that you only really find out what a firm is like when you need to make a return. Any decent firm would have sent out a new screen for next day delivery and had the faulty one collected at the same time. But not this lot. They didn't trust me. So now I don't trust them.

Black marks Projector Planet. Must do better.

13 September 2010

Reply from Projector Planet

Hi John, Im very sorry that you feel this process is complicated and i do agree that it is not ideal. We here at Projectorplanet take all customers feedback on board and look to every point to improve the level of services that we offer. If you would like for me to arrange collection and full refund or advanced swap of the item in a different way we will do so and again very sorry for the hassles. As you can see on this site and many other review sites we pride ourselves on our customer services. Look forward to hearing from you. Tom Hindle Sales Manger of Projector Planet.

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