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Cougar Extreme

Buy with confidence.

Spent a lot of time checking websites, prices and reviews for most of the custom pc building outfits. Opted for Cougar Extreme mainly because of the price (significantly cheaper than the others - i7 2600K/ 16GB RAM/ 1TB HD for about £600!).
Not being a gamer I just needed a powerful desktop for music production and was not too worried about having the very latest kit. Which was just as well since although their online PC spec builder is easy to use, the component options are pretty limtted and the details vague (e.g. no hard drive speeds / not many Monitor options) - however the customer helpline was very helpful. There is also an annoying 3% extra surcharge for credit cards.
Anyway, the machine arrived last week (one day later than the estimated 9 days) and it works a treat / quality build / very, very happy with it.
All in all, unless you're overly particular about your parts, I'd recommend.

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