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Plumbingforless Ltd

Good price. Fast. Only one problem....

The product arrived no hassle. Half price to most places but there are some competitors out there. Small scratch on chrom when it arrived - they tell you not to sign without checking! No way the courier caused it. I decided it was small enough and on obtrusive enough to ignore it.
But - caveat emptor!!

fast, cheap and keeps you informed

Of course - I had no poor experience - and in my opnion, you cannot tell how good a company is until it goes wrong.

It isnt the intended service that measures a company - its how quickly they get back to the intended serivce when it does go as it should.

Having said that - if it never went wrong it would be quite good... and so far, for me, they haven't gone wrong!

Cult Pens

Good value good service and good standards

Lots of information on compatibility. Competitive pricing. Ast turn around times. Good communications. Slick operation.

I will use them again and recommend them.


Used several times now. I will use them again

Good price point, good value more importantly.

Quality control was poor on an order, I got a full refund and therefore full satisfaction, and some free product.

Fast, easy customer service. A little difficult at the online interface but ok.


Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Reliable and good value

Often buy from these guys. you can sometimes find cheaper, or with free delivery, but less reliable in my experience.

The convenience and certainty of shopping with Chemist Direct is worth the additional small premium - especially if you are in a rush!



I ordered kit for my dog to chew, as you do. Reasonable delivery costs, good comms, told me my stuff was dispatched the next day. Delivered by Royal mail.

Everything you want from online mail order - swift, transparent and pain free.


Simply incompetent, but nice.

This company seems to be run as a care in the community experiment. Very pleasant to deal with, they always know why you can't have your parcel and all walk very slowly. Unfortunately their systems are flawed and they don't respond to complaints or feedback.

I ordered a delivery from across the Pond, it was intercepted by customs and handed to Parcelforce to process.

I got a letter and Vat bill, paid it online and booked for me to collect from them - who in the world waits in all day for a parcel?!

The website gave me a confirmation number and address. I printed it out, drove 40 minutes to the depot, queued 40 minute to get my parcel, waited 15 minutes while they shuffled off to find it - only to be told it wasn't there, it was at another depot. I got the details, asked if they were open Saturday mornings - "yes, the same as us".

Back in the car, another 30 minutes, arrived at the much nearer to me depot - sorry we are closed.

Apparently not the same hours. Why the inconsistency I have no idea, but very unhelpful.

I went online to make a complaint since the web service is the first fault here. No response.

Two days later, a call from the first depot saying I have requested a pick up, but they can't find my package. It's like dealing with a time warp!

Then I get a card in my post box for an attempted delivery, it as been left at a post office. Eventually got it - but
At no point did they do as requested.
At no point did they give me correct information.
At no point did they respond to my communication.
They provided confusion and inconsistency throughout.

The parcel having been delivered appears to have arrived having had a system transit other than the one that the tracking number related to. Not recommended. And not as good to deal as the smaller cheaper courier companies.

Avoid if you can. The experience is unnecessarily unpleasant.


When it's good, it's good

i have only used them twice. Each time hasvbeen very good.
The booking process is fast and easy and saves hassle shopping. After that, the experience seems to depend on the courier.

The ones I used came back for pick up when I missed the appointment, delivered faster than they said and were faultless.

Real quality is determined by customer service, not success in doing what you are supposed to. But don't think the Post Office is better!


Theft. (well, long term unauthorised possession at least)

Bought a Rancilio sylvia coffe machine new. It broke down - well, it happens. They charged me £35 shipping for a warranty repair or replacement - and replaced it with a second hand machine! After 4 months. Outrageous. Still no communications - avoid them.

It is Now 13 July 2010 - My replacement machine just arrived. So it took three months to replace the defective machine they sent me. I have expended most of the first year of the warranty without a machine for the majority of that time because this company is tardy, behaves irresponsibly and does not seem to understand that communication is key.

In fairness to them they have sent a replacement machine. Is everything OK? - well, relieved I didn't have to drive to Italy to deal face to face and fetch a new machine, still irked that they gave such poor customer service. Realistically I had a manufacturers warranty and instead of making the process as easy as possible, they made it arduous, unpleasant and long.

Their t&c is incorrect - distance buying regulations state the applicable law is the area of the consumer (different if you are a business) but they say it is Italian law. Their web site has a UK address and a UK phone number - were it apparent that they trade from Italy I would not have bought from them.

Overall, they have a way to go to achieve even an acceptable standard of service.

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