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Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

My problem swiftly became no problem.

Tried this site very easy to use and very competetative.

Your ordering is governed so that pharmaceutical legal requirements are met which makes life so much simpler. An ordering error occured which led to Chemist Direct making swift contact with me and the issue was resolved with no delay to my order.

I really have looked at many online pharmacy sites - this one sells quality products at an affordable price with excellent customer service.


Let down for the last time - will never use again

I am glad to see that British Gas have had a satisfied customer who has recommended them. Unfortunately, several encounters with British Gas over the last 2 decades years have proved less than easy and successful.

The first encounter was to fit a new kitchen (from British Gas) - the completion of which was such poor workmanship that we made several approaches to customer services. A letter from my husband to the Telegraph to protest about British Gas getting a 5* rating (yes - it was a while ago ... 1992/3) when they offered such poor service. The letter was printed and then of courses we were fixed. However - 20 years later, we were to discover not all was fixed....the indestructible corian work top was neither corian nor indestructible. We gave up and got a complete refurb on the kitchen instead of a retirment cruise.

The last encounter was their house assistance - having paid around £50 per month for emergency etc cover for the last 8-9 years. We had a ceiling leak. They had no workmen to send. After 5 hours of trying (and our 11 phone calls to see what progress), British Gas then said you will have to get a local tradesman to do the work. We did. Homesense. A real muck up and took weeks to get the money back which was, in the end, labelled a goodwill gesture. We had all the pipes checked a relaid - bang went the plans for an alternative for the cruise.

I am glad that one British company is making a profit, but certainly their customer services and trade credibility does not add up to "the best" for me. NB we had an independant checker come to test our gas fires, one was condemned as giving out too much CO2. This was annually reviewed under the British Gas contract, but it appeared not to have been done.

If British Gas wish to come back to us on this long term overview, they are welcome......but not by phone - many many times we spoke to different people who were going to sort things out and when we tried to get back to them, no one knew who they were.

Take care if using British Gas and TAKE NOTES of all said and done.


Keen Gardener

Whooo Hoooo - A Happy Husband at last!

Such dismay when the hosepipe ban lifted and my husband reeled out the trusty hoselock auto-reel hosepipe. At 19 years old and with no use this season, it was all too much for the trusty beast. Result: one wet hubby, loads of tangled piping and confused dogs.
Internet search found Keengardener; a replacement hoselock auto-reel was cheaper than the original purchase all those years ago! It was ordered with short delivery time - an elated husband; received a message from Emma at customer relations, out of stock so delivery delayed - victor meldrew husband; another Emma messge, stock in earlier than expected - a slightly smiley disbelieving husband; next day knock on door, delivery of parcel - whooo Hooo - a happy husband.
So: quality items, great prices, proactive customer services and swift delivery - a firm that I unconditionally recommend to all.
PS: Dogs' faith in the hosepipe restored - water magically comes out of the end of the hose again; without a grumpy, enraged and purple faced owner dancing around coils of hose shouting words that dogs should not understand. Thanks Keengardener.

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