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No Care For Customers' Expensive Goods!

I have received two separate consignments from two different suppliers recently, both of whom used Tuffnells as the couriers. One consignment was a delivery of marble effect plastic wall boards costing over £500.00, the other was an order of replacement wardrobe doors and drawer fronts costing over £1,000.00.
Of the nine wall boards, eight were damaged along a 'tongue and groove' edge rendering them useless. - These were well packed and protected by wooden frames and had 'Fragile' warning tape everywhere and anywhere. These would have had to have had some serious abuse in transit to cause the damage that was done.
Two out eight packages containing my replacement Bedroom fronts were 'WET!' and damaged and further packages were also damaged externally. These were also packed extremely carefully by the supplier with polystyrene edge and corner protection and polystyrene separators. The contents of the two wet and damaged boxes had all of the polystyrene protection destroyed leaving the fronts to rub and bang together in transit. It is by sheer good fortune that nothing was damaged.
It angers me that any courier shows such disrespect for customers' goods that they are quite obviously thrown with sufficient force to cause this sort of damage and allowed to get wet!


Almost Perfect

I've dealt with Pixmania before and would recommend them to anybody. The prices are about as good if not better than you would get elsewhere and delivery is quite fast. This time I bought a Logitech Harmony One Remote Control. This is one of the best items that I have ever bought. - Multi Remote Control with very simple set up and operation. One very minor niggle is that it is the Euro version which was not obvious from the listing. - It therefore has a 2 pin Euro plug and no adaptor was supplied. Adaptors are cheap enough which isn't the issue. The unit comes with hardly any charge, so I couldn't use it until I got hold of an adaptor. - At Pixmania's price, I'm not grumbling that a 99p adaptor wasn't thrown in free, just that if it was made obvious from the listing that one was required, I'd have ordered one at the same time. No huge issue. - I would still recommend Pixmania. I would have given 4.5 stars, but that's not available!

16 November 2012

Reply from

Thank you for your review. I am pleased to hear you are happy with the service, products and prices we offer our clients and am sorry that you did not receive your adapter with your parcel.
As stated in our Terms and Conditions ( some items are delivered with a European plug however should always provide an adaptor. The information can be found under the initial description of each individual product or above the Pixmania’s review section.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me on so that I may contact you directly.
Best regards,
Pixmania Mediator

Fast, honest & efficient. Totally scam free!

I have used Fonebank before. However, I was tempted by Cash4phones highest offer for my wife's HTC Wildfire which had been in a case from new. - Therefore it was in 'as new condition.'

Needless to say, I hadn't read reviews on Cash4phones and fell foul of their 'bog standard operating scam' when they down valued the phone.

I got the phone back, sent it to Fonebank and got the full offered price within two days. - Fast, no hassle, no scams! I would use Fonebank again.

Cash 4 Phones

Don't Touch With A Bargepole!

DON'T ASSUME THAT I AM A ONE OFF UNHAPPY PUNTER. CASH4PHONES.CO.UK HAVE A 'STANDARD OPERATING METHOD' 'may' indicate that they will give you more for your phone than anybody else. Beware! Read reviews first. I sent my wife's HTC Wildfire after they offered over £40.00 for it. The phone is less than a year old, has always had a screen protector on it and has been inside a 'flip cover' from the minute it was taken out of the box. It was in perfect working order and completely unmarked.

(Never, never, never send a mobile phone to any of these companies using their freepost address only. (Most people don't know that you only need to pay for the signed for service (about 90p) with a freepost envelope) I did this once and the company denied receiving it. I contacted them and said, "That's fine. Either it's gone missing in the post or you've lost it. - As mobile phones are traceable, whoever has got it now has committed theft by finding as it hasn't found it's way back to me. - I'm going to report it as stolen and have it blocked so that it's worthless." - Guess what - I was phoned back very quickly and told that they'd found it and got my full payment!)

Anyway. - Interestingly, Cash4phones send you the flimsiest envelope that I have ever seen! - I'm thinking, 'here we go, another excuse to claim that the phone wasn't sufficiently protected in transit and pay out less than was indicated.' - I wrapped the phone in several layers of foam 'wrap' then enclosed that in the order slip, then enclosed all of that in a sort of two piece foam box. When Cash4phones emailed to say that they had received the phone they amended their offer from over £42.00 to £14.00 claiming "Excessive wear and tear." They then add insult to injury by demanding £4.50 for return P&P for a package that costs £3.15 to post by Recorded Delivery. - Absolutely disgraceful!!!

UPDATE - OK, so I posted the above review on TRUSTPILOT and then notified Cash4phones inviting them to read it. - Within hours I received a phone call from them stating that they had made a mistake!!! - My wife's phone was in good condition!!! - However, it was not the model that I claimed it to be so therefore still wasn't worth the originally quoted value!!! - Unbelievable. - How many different 'angles of scam' will these people use to rip people off. I told them to return the phone. That was eight days ago and I still haven't had it back!

Based on Reviews where they have used the same angle again and again, they simply should not be trading and should be closed down.


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