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Budgetair charged my credit card without authorization and refuses to refund me.

I was trying to buy a ticket but they gave me an error message saying my credit card payment didn't go through and to try their website again later. Then a few hours later, they sent me an email saying they had charged my credit card and purchased the ticket. But I had not authorized THAT transaction.

In the meanwhile, I had bought the same ticket (costing $3000) on Orbitz. I emailed and called Budgetair telling them of the error but they refused to fix it, insisting that their policy is not to cancel tickets (actually, they said they could have "cancelled" the ticket I didn't purchase within 24 hours, but they chose not to, even though I emailed them asking them to refund me within 10 minutes of receiving their confirmation!!!). But in any case, I was not asking them to CANCEL a ticket I had wilfully purchased. I was asking them to REFUND AN UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE. Their customer service is wilfully ignorant of the distinction. They refused to help me even after I provided them what they deemed to be sufficient proof that their charge was in error, i.e. that I bought the same ticket on Orbitz minutes later.

I believe that the problem was a bug on their website that continued to try to charge my credit card after it delivered me an error message that the transaction didn't go through. But it is unacceptable that Budgetair did not refund this.

Luckily, my credit card company is sorting this out now.

27 July 2012

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In response to this posting, I am the Customer Relations Manager for BudgetAir want to start by extending my sincere apology to Angela for the experience she had.

In reviewing this case I can assure both Angela and others reading this post that BudgetAir is must definitely not a company that has interest in acting in a fraudulent manner. We operate in a professional and very straight forward manner, ALWAYS!

I have reached out to Angela in an effort to discuss her experience and work out a resolution.

If others reading this post have any questions or concerns regarding the use of, please send an email to and a prompt and professional reponse will be provided.

BudgetAir Customer Relations Manager

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