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Well don't we all know! Being treated like animals!

I just feel like being treated like an animal sometimes with Rynair. I don't know if anyone else is also feeling this?


I don't know why I feel pain when I login to Easyspace to resolve things....

It is a shame that SUPPORT lets this company down. It is affordable so no probs there but I wouldn't mind paying double to get the 24/7 phone and live chat support. noooot ticket system that never responded within the first 20 hours. I have records as well.

It could have been the best that exist in the internet. But their laid back culture for issues and passing majority issues to 2nd line(24hour response) and delays in fixing issues (due to passing on and ticketing system) and delays in applying paid updates makes it impossible not to get frustrated (and not to write a review on the internet to share the experience would be naive)
Specially when you are waiting to complete a project with 4 guys in the office it can be a hell of a time waiting 24 hours for 2nd line support, then another 24 hours after they realised they hadn't applied upgrades correctly this happened 3 times this year.

If you are looking for a simple hosting where;

You don't care about downtime (this is not as they suggest the 100% uptime guarantee. What they mean with that is the electricity to the servers will not cut off at any time. Well, the server went down 3 times since the beginning of 2012. Once for a day. It is not the electricity that matters it is the servers that should be up and running. and still to date displaying 100% uptime guarantee when people don't get the real explanation is being DISHONEST. When did we get electric problems in the UK last, with the floods? keep your servers up and running with proper configuration. Electrics we can forgive.

PRICES: good. but why give something for a quid and then torture with pain while you give it. if you can't provide a good service with the price you are offering then it shouldn't exist at first place. PRICE a good service not - SERVICE according to the price.

I am ready to pay double for the services I have if you will employ best of the best 2nd line support and extra many of them to also keep working 24/7. When I suggested this they said that I could upgrade to one of their managed server :)

The funny thing is that I had one managed server from them before (2009); I had many clients on that server, had issues one late afternoon. Their support -"supposedly 24/7" - weren't there to respond to my support tickets till the next day very late afternoon. 4 clients cancelled services with me - the rest were buzzing like bees over me.

Overall they are good people, but technology wise they need to get their act together particularly with the first line and second line support. Share the support jobs properly and have 24/7 live chat support and telephone support and I'm sure people will love Easyspace for ever. Just get things done within 1 hour from additional upgrades to support issues like folder permissions, and other little small things that matters.

When will Easyspace understand that all the bad reviews are because of the support delays and not having 24/7 phone and live chat support? Think about it; you will keep your customers up and running day and night. If they had these they would get 5 stars from me. But for the effort they will get 3 now for the effort. service is still to be improved.

Good luck.

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