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Very Poor Service

I ordered the deluxe mesh ergonomic office chair with headrest. However I was sent the wrong chair. I was given the deluxe mesh ergonomic office chair - low back without the headrest. What was even worst was
1) No assembly instructions was sent with it. So I had to email and request one to be send.
2) The wrong chair that was sent to me had no left armrest. Instead they had given me 2 right armrest of different colour. One was grey and the other black!

It seems that Milan Direct has not only sent me the wrong chair but most likely a used (or second hand) one as it did not have an instruction manual and had two right armrest and a missing left armrest. What is worst is they have no contact number to call and get an explanation.

PGS Plumbers


Called to fix leaking basin tap. The plumber arrived on time at 10:00. Inspected the problem and advised to change the tap. He then left the premises at 10:10 to Screwfix to buy the monobloc tap (£49.49 including VAT). He only returned back at 10:45 and completed the job at 11:20. He was polite and courteous.

I was billed for 1.5 hrs of labour despite the fact that it only took 30 min to repair the tap. I was charged £42.50 +VAT / hr for labour (which worked out to be £153). I was further charged £49.49 for the monobloc tap bought from screwfix and they added a further VAT charge for this (hence I paid £59.40 for the tap). In total I spend £212.40 for the work. I do not feel they should add VAT on material that has already been VAT'ed that I have paid for. This is just poor ethics and down right a rip off. I do not think it is right for me to pay for the time it takes PGS to find the part. That is NOT labour.

Worst still the tap is still leaking. So I have had a new tap installed and the leak is still not fixed. So was a new tap really warranted or would some simple silicone sealant done the job?

The plumber was sent back on 26/9/13. However he now insist the problem is with the trap (U bend) and that's where the leak is coming from. So why was the tap changed rather than the trap? Now PGS wants me to pay again to fix the trap. I called them for a leak and they reviewed it and said it was coming from the tap initially and charged me for that. Barely 12 hrs later the leak is still present and now they say the problem lies with the trap and that would cost more. I cannot believe they want me to pay £400 to fix a leaking tap!


Awful, Unhelpful & Rude service

I ordered a deluxe cantilever TV bracket model A201BSLV. However I received a different model E3012FSLV.

I called their helpline to tell them about it but was told that I needed to email their after sales department. I was told that the helpline was actually the sales team and they will not be able to help with after sales enquiries. I asked to speak to the supervisor but was told by the sales agent (Michelle) that the supervisor had already left at 12 noon and that she was the only one in the building.

I wrote my email to the sales department the same day and was told that the product I ordered was no longer available and hence I was received an upgrade. However the model they send me was only £22.99 on their own website compared to the one I ordered which was £31.45. I cannot believe how they can call this an upgrade. This is obviously fraud! Also if the product ordered was no longer available i should have been informed first rather than just being send some other product. I cannot believe this and think this is appalling.

I pointed out the fact that the product they send me was a cheaper one on their website. To which they responded by stating that the product number on the packaging was wrong.

I wrote again to them and send them a picture of the product and the box with the model number. I told them that the items description was also different and hence I wanted a full refund. To this the after sales agent (Gill) replied that as I no longer wanted the product I had to ship it back at my cost. I cannot believe this. They send me the wrong stuff and want me to pay the return shipping cost. It feels like as if they are forcing me to keep the wrong product which I did not even purchase.

I called the sales helpline desk again and spoke to Michelle who told me there was nothing she could do and I should write in email again. I then demanded to speak to her supervisor and she initially said there was no supervisor around. I kept insisting and then she said she was the supervisor! I reminded her that she had initially said the supervisor had left and that either she is lying now or before. What kind of company employs sales agents that lie so blatantly and what kind of company leaves its junior sales agent to run the department unsupervised? Also how can the sales and after sales department not communicate with each other. One might think they were located in different countries.

I feel that this company has been fraudulent in its sales and has misleading advert online. Also the customer service is non-existent and the sales department rude.
I have asked for a full refund and for return postage to be paid but not had a reply yet.

Would not recommend to buy from this company!

Updated 25 June 2013 in response to the comments from 123brackets:
Dear Sarah,
Thank you for the reply. But there really is no point in giving a number to call you on when it is the general sales team number. I called the number (0845 676 9300) and was on hold for 15 minute at which point I decided to hang up. Your response of an offer does not seem to be genuine otherwise I would have been given a direct-line to you to sort this problem out. I am afraid to post the item back after reviewing all the comments on this forum (It seems many who have posted the item have not gotten a full refund). I will count this as a loss and move on.

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24 June 2013

Reply from 123brackets

Dear Arisudhan

I am very sorry to read your comments and can only apologise for the way your enquirey was handled this is definately not our practice. We aim to provide the best customer care and are constantly looking at ways to improve our service.

From your notes I can see that we have sent you a returns label to return the item back to us for a full refund. However, if you are still in need of a bracket I would like to offer you a 20% discount and personaly guide you through selecting a suitable bracket, please call me on 0845 676 9300.

Again please except for sincere apologies.



Awful & Appalling Service

Poor & Awful service.
Ordered a shed via ShedsWorld but they then dispatched the shed via Mercia Garden Products who failed to deliver garden shed on scheduled date without informing me. It was a nightmare trying to contact them regarding this as they kept bouncing me between the two companies. Mercia Garden Products also then cancelled the order of the shed without my consent and insisted that the order needed to be re-activated before a new delivery date could be given. When I contacted ShedsWorld they said the order was not cancelled. Eventually both companies acknowledge that it was an error on Mercia Garden Products Ltd. for accidentally cancelling the order. However they could not give me a new delivery date. There was no offer to speed up delivery. Customer service is poor and unhelpful.
Would not recommend buying from both this companies.

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10 August 2012

Reply from

Dear Arisudhan Anantharachagan

Thank you for your feedback, I apologize for the service received from us and the suppliers.

I will be getting in touch with the suppliers and discuss this matter in detail and contact you to resolve this matter and to restore your faith in us.

Kind Regards


Delay in delivery

Delay in delivering the vase and difficult to get hold off as no phone number available. Let down by courier service.

But apart from that the product is as described - top quality.

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