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Optical Express

Awful, Dishonest, Lie after Lie, Terrible customer service

Went there for contact lenses on 5th February 2011. Had test done, set up direct debit and was assured lenses would be ready in a few days. 3 weeks later, nothing. Went to shop, told I needed another eye test, told lenses would be sent out in post. 4 weeks later - nothing. Went in to shop, was given a "close match" to see me over and lenses would arrive in a few days. 6 weeks later, nothing. Called shop, told lenses would be sent out. Nothing yet again. Called by contact centre to say my eye tests was due. Explained to them I had had an eye test. Called by "Susan" in George Street branch to come and get an eye test. Arrived at shop, explained I have had eye tests done. Promised lenses would be sent out in a few days. 2 months went by - still no lenses. Rinse repeat, same old bull about lenses needing to be ordered. More excuses about the lenses needing to be "made to order" by the manufacturer by Susan in George Street YET AGAIN. Assured they have been ordered. Go into shop, "Oh we have to order those in". Given set of trial lenses to see me over. Again weeks later - still no lenses. Susan YET AGAIN. Visit store - oh sorry, we need to order those. Check online, I can get the same lenses ordered next day. No special prescription. It is now 18th August, 2012 and I have had a total of 3 pairs of lenses, dozens of trial lenses at the INCORRECT prescription. Optical Express have been taking a direct debit from my bank account, I have had 4-5 eye tests, Susan from George Street has told me 8-9 times she has to "order my lenses". Visited the shop 15-20 times. Told lies every single time that "they are on order". Today, called shop again, told that "Susan has been off for some time" but explained to the shop I spoke to her a recently. Er.., she has them on order, er...she's not due in till Monday. "Why can't I have my lenses?" "Er...the manufacturer has to make them specially." "No they don't, I can get them next day online for my prescription". "Oh"...Silence. More lies.


Like everybody else here, I wish I'd seen these reviews. Ordered a guaranteed next day delivery and nothing turned up. No response from their call center, no answer. No refund. Automatic emails. Their "order tracking" has no information which means they took my money and did not process the order at all. Have reported them and asked for a refund. Please be warned - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

30 July 2012

Reply from Printerinks

Thank you for your feedback. We do regret the inconvenience you have had to face.

Your order was placed after the cut off time of 3.30pm and hence dispatched early next morning. Please follow this link for more details:

We have attempted calling you today but could not get through. We will try again. Please feel free to contact us on 08000431001 for any further queries.

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